Custom FV Twin by Burton

Custom FV TwinCustom FV Twin by Burton

Who : Burton
What : Custom FV Twin
Where : Your local Burton Support Local dealer
When : Available now
Why : Flying V, Twin Shape/Flex, Super Fly II™ Core Dualzone EGD, Sintered WFO Base, 45° Carbon Highlights, Off-Axis Frostbite Edges, Off-Axis Squeezebox, Infinite Ride

How : The Flying V rocker shape puts camber under your feet for a super lively feel and quick edge-to-edge response.

  • By targeting specific areas with specific wood the Super Fly II core offers strength, pop, and reduced weight. The EGD puts horizontal wood grains under the toe and heel of your bindings to focus energy directly to your edges for increased hold and strength.
  • Having a wax infused Sintered WFO base makes sure that your wax goes deeper in the base and lasts longer and ensures a fast board all season long.
  • Carbon Highlights optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix and adds a full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight and fine tune torsional feel to achieve different ride characteristics. 45° fiber angle provides a more aggressive ride.
  • Don’t like hard icy conditions? Neither do the Frostbite edges. By extending out the edge at your bindings adding extra contact points that saw into those hard conditions that usually have you landing on your duff.
  • Squeezebox
  • Infinite Ride

Personal Thoughts : Can’t believe it took me this long to ride one of the best selling (if not THE best selling) All Mountain boards on the market.  This board definitely lived up to its reputation as 1 board you can truly ride anywhere on the hill. I expected it to feel much stiffer on snow and was worried about its park performance, but a couple days of sunny park laps in Utah proved my feelings wrong (in a good way).  Rode some rails, buttered around, did some stunts in the air and was pleasantly surprised by its forgiveness and predictability without sacrificing pop and stability. By the time the sun set and the lights were on I was pretty much ready to just cruise.  Leisurely cruising however turned into a high speed, ditch digging fest.  With a little inspiration from the Yawgoons videos I was having the time of my life pushing the edges to the limit by trying out some creative carving. The board was seemingly effortless edge to edge and I only had 2 instances all week long where I can remember sliding out (but that was more the fault of soft snow an my toes hitting the snow than the board). I’m also pretty sure I laid down the hardest carve on my heels that I’ve ever done.  All in all the Custom might cost you a few more bucks up front but for 1 board that you can ride to the park as fast as you want and then have a great day slaying rails all day, its definitely worth shoveling a few more driveways and collecting pop cans for the upgrade.

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