RK by Flux

RK by Flux

Who : Flux
What : RK
Where : Your Local Flux Dealer
When: Currently in stock!
Why: Solid Urethane Highback, Alpha Base, Performance Blend Footbed, F-Tech Fit 3D Strap, UU Fit.

  • The new flex pattern in the urethane high back has a stiffer lower half and more responsive, and top half is more flexible. This gives you the feel of a no-back or low back without stressing the boot and ankle offering a skate like feel for everyone.
  • The base features higher sidewalls that increase the binding’s responsiveness and durability, while its milled out design sheds serious weight. The sidewall and heelcup incorporate a flange beam that further increases strength.
  • The Performance Blend foot bed offers the ultimate blend of cushioning, board feel, and responsiveness.
  • The three dimensional shape of the F-Tech 3D Fit strap provides an excellent fit free of pressure points.
  • UU Fit System gives you a comfortable 360 degree wrap which evens out pressure and gives you a more natural feel and hold in your binding.

Personal Thoughts : Comfy comfy comfy! The #1 thing you can ask for in a binding is comfort and these have it in spades.  They fit incredibly well and give you a solid link to you board. The high back is CRAZY flexible for a super easy feel side to side (if you need a sturdier feel check out the RL model).  The ratchets confused me a bit, when I was ratcheting them down it seemed like I couldn’t get them tight enough. However upon trying to move my boot everything was secure. I also am not a fan of all of the “tooless” adjustments pieces (ALL companies, not just Flux). The highback needs tooless adjustment and that’s it. You set your straps (and heel loop if applicable) and don’t touch them until you get new boots. Overall I was very pleased and can definitely see Flux growing more and more as a contender in the binding market.

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