Eastwood Gore Jacket by Quiksilver

Eastwood Jacket

Eastwood Gore Jacket by Quiksilver

Who : Quiksilver
What : Eastwood Gore Jacket
Where : Your Local Quiksilver Dealer
When : Currently in stock!
Why : 2L GoreTex, Fully Taped Seams, Mesh Lined Vents, Engineered embossed taffeta lining with brushed tricot, Internal Lycra wrist cuffs.
How :

  • With GoreTex being a waterproof and incredibly breathable material this jacket will keep you completely dry from the outside and inside.
  • Fully taped seams ensures no water can seep in around the stiching.
  • For those not-so-cold days the mesh-lined vents make sure you stay cool and the snow stays out.
  • The lining offers great comfort and adds that little extra warmth so you can use minimal layering underneath.
  • Your wrists go snow/cold-free all day long with the comfy lycra wrist cuffs.

Personal Thoughts: I’ve been selling GoreTex for years and singing its praises but until wearing this jacket Ive only ever had it in a glove.  It’s the real deal for sure.  Its amazing the warmth and comfort you get without having to layer up like crazy. The fit on this guy is good but check out the size below what you usually wear, it might fit better. I’m rocking a Medium and with the Gore Tex you don’t have to layer up too much (something to keep in mind while shopping). The styling of this jacket is one of my favorite things because it looks like a casual everyday jacket. You can shred all day and rock it all night (one less jacket to pack for your vacation) I wasn’t a fan of the neck line up by your face, it’s a bit tall and hard to have zipped up without the hood being on. It’s just a minor thing so make sure to try one on for yourself.

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