3.0 Base Layer Crew and Pants by Under Armour

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3.0 Base Layer Crew and Pants by Under Armour

Who : Under Armour
What : 3.0 Base Layer Crew and Pants
Where : Your Local Under Armour Snowboard Shop
When : Currently in stock!
Why : Soft Brushed Negative Grid, 4 Way Stretch, Moisture Transport System, Anti Odor Tech

  • UA PantThe soft feel of the Negative Grid inside traps your escaping body heat keeping you warmer.
  • The last hing you need your first layer doing is preventing you from moving. 4 way stretch moves every single direction your body moves
  • The key to being warm by wearing less is keeping sweat and moisture away from you skin (ever get wash your cold hands and now they’re colder). The MTS wicks all moisture from your skin keeping you dry, hence keeping you warm.
  • Special anti odor tech prevents odor causing microbes from growing so you can use them a few more times between washes without offending those around you.

Personal Thoughts: It’s hard to go day to day without seeing the Under Armour “UA” logo, and there’s good reason. They have some of the most advanced materials and blends on the planet to keep you warm without having to layer up like the kid from Christmas Story.  I don’t have a whole lot to say except this stuff works!! It’s comfortable, it moves with you, and whatever magicalness they put in the Negative Grid keeps you warm even if you’re not riding! If you have the worst circulation on the planet make sure to check out the 4.0 version rated for Arctic temps.

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