Staff Pick: Ben Jon Bob and Alex Mcnett / Sunday Funday Edit #2

MichiganBoarder team rider, and all around amazing dude, Ben Jon Bob filmed a Sunday Funday park edit with newly returned home Bittersweet local and park crewmember Alex Mcnett. As always, MB videographer and co-founder Jon Mollema was behind the lens for the return of this video series, which began late last season.

Ben is mid-thirties and still my personal inspiration for snowboarding. Ben is so well rounded and all of his tricks come off as effortless. I have had the honor of riding with Ben for a long time and I’m always impressed by his riding, general good nature, and positive attitude. I am so grateful to have him on board as an MB team rider. He has a tight rail game and a jump game to match, which I think is pretty rare in a rail-based era. This edit shows off a variety of his strengths, but not all of them. A personal edit is long over due, but to be honest… I know he doesn’t care at all. He really is just looking to shred for fun with no thoughts of glamour. 



Name Ben Jon Bob
Age 35
Hometown Byron Center (Grand Rapids, Suburb).
Resort Bittersweet
Set Up Capita DOA with Union Binders
Video Credit Jon Mollema with Shortstackmedia

Talk about the edit: Fun, Jon did all the work.



Alex is one of my new favorite people! This dude is a ton of fun to ride with and no matter what the kid stays positive.  In turn he makes the group positive, which is great because a lot of us are Debbie Downers… Ha! But no, seriously the kid is awesome to be around and is a lot of fun to watch shred. He is like a techy rider mixed with that fun vibe with a dash of speed and bit of wildness I guess. No matter what though he is sure-footed and pretty much gets his trick within a couple of tries. His part in this edit is a small glimpse of what he has going on; he has some street action that should be popping up sooner than later. Get pumped!



Name Alex McNett
Age 22
Hometown Comstock
Resort Bittersweet
Set Up 151 DVD Rat
Union X Asymbol Binding

Talk about the edit:

The edit was filmed over a weekend at Bittersweet in Otsego, Michigan. For those of you who do not know, I am the assistant manager of the Bittersweet Terrain Park Crew.  Any hate you have for the park, direct towards me. That back 3 on was first try and the c-rail shot at the end took me way too many tries to lock. It was a fun edit to film even though I had some lower back muscle issues going on.

Vid Cred: Thanks to Jon Mollema for filming!

Anything you want to say snowboarding related:

Support snowboarding. I say this because I see too many “core” snowboarders that are not supporting brands that are attempting to support riders and help build snowboarding. What I have seen since moving back to Michigan from Colorado is kids buying their “outerwear” at thrift stores. I’m sorry guys, but your button up shirts look kooky and I see you shivering over there. Yes $1 for a shirt is a steal, but you’re not helping any companies out.  Go return pop bottles or something else to make money and buy a coat or at least a coach’s jacket from a brand that helps fund fun events in your area or sponsors local riders.

Which brings me to my next point, don’t be a dick to all of the kooks. Let’s face it; Michigan resorts are littered with folks who do not have any idea of their surroundings. They either look like they just left their tree stand or managed to find the hot tub time machine and came into the future from the 1980s. They also cut us off (usually unintentionally) and jump off of our rail lips, which is very annoying. However, these kooks help fund the resort that you buy a season pass for and ride at multiple times a week. They spend an absurd amount of money on a daily lift ticket, rentals, and food. Instead of being complete assholes to these people by yelling at them or throwing snowballs, if you happen to see someone jumping off of a rail lip you could not be a jerk and fill them in on proper park etiquette because the odds are that they’re clueless and didn’t know that park etiquette was even a thing. The more of these kooks that we can convert into “avid snowboarders” the more money we can bring into our industry. The more money we bring into our industry means more jobs and good times for snowboard bums. Snowboard bums live the life that you sit in class dreaming of. Low pay, lots of work, and lots of riding. The more snowboard bums we can keep in the trees, and out of the cubicle is a win for our industry.

ALex2I know I referred to snowboarding as an industry throughout this article, however we are also a community.  In snowboarding we have a community like no other sport, industry, hobby, or whatever you wanna call this weird love affair that we all share. I do not see why we would want to exclude someone just because they dress funky or are not as good as you and your crew. We were all there once, struggling to get on a chairlift, and attempting to link up our first turns. Don’t be a dick, we should invite people to join the snowboarding community so we can continue to grow. I know I wouldn’t have stuck around for so long if it wasn’t for all of the different people I have met throughout my years in snowboarding.

So here’s a thank you to the community. For those of you who have been cool enough to share a chairlift, hike some trees, road trip, or lap a park with me through out the years. I thank you for the good times and I hope we can keep the good times going.

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