Written by Alycia Choroszucha
Photography by Alycia Choroszucha and Marc Moline


Take snowboarding back. What does it mean? For Marc Moline, a lot of things. It means making snowboarding affordable and accessible. It means making boards that you want because they’re fun to ride, not because they are loaded with whatever the latest overdone technology might be. It means integrity. It means having a good attitude. It means making snowboarding damn fun again.


After 22 years snowboarding and a decade working in the action sports industry, Marc has seen it all… starting with the “XTREME” movement as snowboarding became a mainstream phenomenon. Everything was XTREME and started with X… so Marc decided to be the Anti-X. From there, Antix Collective was born. The creative group and board company was founded on four words: Ride. Capture. Design. Create.

Around the time Antix Creative was founded, Marc was filming a full-length snowboard film – “Midwest What!” He was working alongside close friends Jake Richardson and Steve Cummings, paying perfect homage to their different respective views of Midwest snowboarding. Ask around, you might be able to find a scratched DVD somewhere.

After MWW, Marc did extended stints at two different ski resorts. Both of these locations played integral roles in the Antix that exists today. With the pending sale of Echo Mountain, Marc’s place of employment, he made the decision to begin looking for a new venture. With an uncountable number of thoughts on how to create the perfect snowboard over the years, Marc finally wrote it down on a piece of paper: Antix Board Co.



Next, Marc knew it was time to head back to Michigan. If there was any future in having his own company, he knew the Midwest would be the best location for it.

Spending the next five years rebuilding his home hill, Cannonsburg Ski Area, Marc never lost sight of his original dream of Antix. Freelance projects, sketches and a creative group of friends kept his wheels turning, and Marc finally knew in spring 2014 that it was time to put 100% in to realizing his goal.

After researching several manufacturing options for snowboards without much luck, Marc met a seriously integral piece of his puzzle – Jeff Thompson, the founder of Shaggy’s Copper Country Skis. Marc worked on an amazing video piece for them (viewable here), and built a relationship that led to Marc being able to produce boards the way he originally envisioned.


Having ridden enough snowboards/skateboards/surfboards in his life, Marc had a pretty good idea of what each of these boards needed to be. They needed to be diverse as a whole – a board that could double as all-mountain and park, for example. They needed to be visually interesting. They needed to rival major board companies both in quality and price. They needed to take snowboarding back.

To say Marc has achieved that laundry list would be an understatement. Marc has developed two boards, the Division and the Hoffmaster. The Division is the perfect board for Midwest riding; soft enough for your rail/box/freestyle needs, but solid enough underfoot to hold an edge.



The Hoffmaster was inspired by the original snurfer that was designed for, tested and tried on the dunes of Muskegon, MI which is also reflected in the unique graphics of the board. A snurfer influenced build might seem overly specific in its uses, but even Marc was surprised at the unexpected versatility and usability. The Hoffmaster has a unique combination of being fast, but maneuverable, wide, and floaty. The board has become the favorite at Cannonsburg’s Adult Race League, with the riders taking top spots.


Personally speaking, I’m a supporter of Antix for a lot of reasons, the most important being that it isn’t some dude making snowboards to pad his pockets. Antix represents someone who knows snowboarding, who knows how to build a board that you will actually want to ride. It represents wanting to make snowboarding an experience again.

The Antix Board Co. snowboards are currently in a prototype phase in the purest form; they’ve been distributed to friends who are Midwest snowboarders. They’re hitting rails, scraping through ice, floating over jumps, being used how they were intended to be.



Before next winter, Marc will also be putting out skateboards and surfboards, as well as preparing an arsenal of snowboards for direct sales. Keep an eye on the Antix website for information.

Support local. Keep snowboarding anti-xtreme. Take snowboarding back.

Special thanks to Steven Cummings and Jeff Thompson

Antix Collective:
Shaggy’s Video:


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