Algernon by Loaded


Algernon by Loaded


Who : Loaded
What : Algernon
Where : Your local Loaded dealer
When : Available Now
Why : Mustache Camber, Directional Twin, Twin Flex, Bamboo Core, Cork Footbeds

How : The Mustache Camber gives you the snappy feeling of camber with out the catchy feel that usually comes along with it.

  • Centered stance and twin from contact point to contact point but a little longer nose helps float a bit more in the pow.
  • Even buttery flex at both ends with a sturdier center for increased stability and pop.
  • Bamboo in the middle makes this board bombproof. It is so durable that it continues all the way from side to side making a sidewall unnecessary.
  • By adding cork under the bindings you get increased cusion and dampening making a smoother ride with out deadening the overall edge to edge feel of the board.

Personal Thoughts : I was a little apprehensive about this thing at first, but after thinking about the tech and materials Loaded puts into their longboards my attitude changed from skeptical to curious. It has a highly energetic feel but still a very predictable ride. The Algernon also has a great deal of pop and can crank turns with the best of them. When I rode it was pretty friggin cold and conditions were a bit on the hard side, but this board locked into every single turn I took. I definitely enjoyed riding this board but it was a little to stiff for my likes. I usually prefer a little softer feel for dipping in the park but for the rest of the mountain: two thumbs up. I did ride a 157 and have a feeling the 154 might be a little more park friendly.  High 5 to the guys at Loaded for cranking this thing out, I know it took a minute but with guys like Chuck Barfoot and Ernie DeLost on their side it was sure to be a success. I can’t wait to see what’s in the future for their snow line.


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