Meijer State Games at Cannonsburg Results

Pics: Jon Mollema

A couple of weeks ago the three-day Meijer State Games were held at Cannonsburg Ski Resort.  This winter competition series has always been held at Cannonsburg and hosts some of the best freestyle riders Michigan has to offer. Every year Cannonsburg has somehow managed to out do themselves course-wise and this latest event was no exception.

On Friday the Big Air portion of the event was held on Cannonsburg’s traditional jumpline run featuring four specialized kickers for the contestants. Preceding the event was an exhibition of some of Cannonsburg’s local riders during a firework show. When it comes to events, the Burg just absolutely kills it.

FIREWORK PIC BY ALYCIA CHOROSZUCHA  “Rider Cannonsburgs own Jake Tolan”.

“Rider Cannonsburgs own Jake Tolan”.

The next day was the rail jam and slopestyle events. I was fortunate enough to be one of the judges for these two portions of the event. The slopestyle course is easy enough to describe. It was held on the same run as the Big Air jumpline, but also featured some jibs. It was clean and ideal. The rail jam on the other hand is an entirely different story and to me was one of the two major highlights of this flawless event series. The rail jam course was comprised of a stunt ditch that led into what I consider a plaza. This creative design was the brainchild of Antix media’s Marc Moline and was executed by the Burg’s ultra skilled park staff. When it comes to creative terrain Cannonsburg does it first and does it right. From a judging standpoint the rail jam was a blood bath and extremely difficult to judge. In every skill category there was just so much talent. I’ve said before that Cannonsburg produces the highest level of talent. I still stand by that and I attribute it to them being at the frontline of terrain park progression in the State.


The second of the major highlights for me was the fact that Reese Bowden took 1st in every freestyle event. We knew who he was, but he has flown under the proverbial radar so to speak.  We have found that some of the absolute best snowboarders here in Michigan don’t really film or post a ton of pics every day they just ride and do their own thing. I respect the hell out of that.  But yeah, Reese rode like a boss in those events. I mean just stomped the shit out of everything. Kudos to that dude! We also want to give an honorable mention to Coleen Leja who was killing it in the girl department. She took first in the slopestyle and rail jam for the ladies.  It’s worth mentioning that she also took third in boardercross.

Our website is dedicated and based on the purpose of adding something to snowboarding here in Michigan. Cannonsburg continues season after season to create such fantastic and fun events all the while progressing the sport for its locals. It’s a huge contribution and something that takes tons of work. We appreciate their efforts and hope everyone, if they ever have the chance, take a moment to say thank you to the people who bust butt so you guys have something fun to do every winter! Let the Burg know you appreciate them!

Photo Feb 23, 9 10 31 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 12 51 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 16 36 PM




Advanced Snowboard

1st – Rees Bowden

2nd – Justin Blodgett

3rd – George Stevens

Intermediate Snowboard

1st – Jarrett Plekes

2nd – Chris Hoffman

3rd – Adam Glasser

Grom Snowboard

1st – Chad Warner

2nd – Jacob Dertien

3rd – Zachary Taylor

Girl Snowboard

1st – Savannah Shinske



Photo Feb 23, 9 06 38 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 34 17 PM

Photo Feb 26, 10 25 25 AM

Rail Jam

Advanced Snowboard

1st – Rees Bowden

2nd – Tyler May

3rd – Evan Erickson

Intermediate Snowboard

1st – Aiden Hascall

2nd – Derrick Lemke

3rd – Tucker Vest

Grom Snowboard

1st  – Drake Warner

2nd – Nate Kalmer

3rd – Landon Gale

Girl Snowboard

1st – Coleen Leja

2nd – Savannah Shinske

3rd – Aubrey Abbott

Photo Feb 23, 9 20 03 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 22 48 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 26 34 PM


Advanced Snowboard

1st – Rees Bowden

2nd – Casey Frederick

3rd – Justin Blodgett/Derek Huntoon/Cole Taylor

Intermediate Snowboard

1st – Adam Glasser

2nd – Chad Warner

3rd – David Retzlaff

Grom Snowboard

1st – Hunter Glencer

2nd – Quin Hendrickson

3rd – Hunter Ventline/Tate Gardner

Girl Snowboard

1st – Coleen Leja

2nd – Savanna Shinske

3rd – Skyler Robison

Photo Feb 23, 9 29 57 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 45 29 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 53 11 PM


Advanced Snowboard

1st – Mckenzie Edward

2nd – Cody Thompson

3rd – Cade VanEyk

Intermediate Snowboard

1st – Max Scharfman

2nd – Adam Glasser

3rd – Jarrett Plekes

Grom Snowboard

1st – Zachary Taylor

2nd – Derek Schurin

3rd – Tate Gardner

Girl Snowboard

1st – Jess Spencer

2nd –  Cassidy Gale

3rd – Coleen Leja

Photo Feb 26, 10 27 19 AM

Photo Feb 26, 10 29 22 AM

Photo Feb 26, 10 31 16 AM

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