Got Damn…. Matt Ruhle

Matt Ruhle 2 By Scott Smith

We didn’t have time to do a Staff Pick on this dude, but honestly what more do you need to know? I am sure he wasn’t alone in the efforts, but it seems Matt was in large part the force that took an already respected terrain park to the next level; making it one of the hot spots to film and progress at. Anyone working hard to make things better we totally back, but this piece isn’t about the terrain park at Holly or Matt’s skills with a rake. It’s about Matt absolutely destroying everything. This dude is a fucking beast. I don’t feel like you guys need any fancy word play or any descriptivism on this dude because it just doesn’t matter. However, here are a few comments by people who saw his edit. Read away then grab a drink and a snack and enjoy!

Matt Ruhle 1The best fucking park rider in this state.

Mt. Holly has really come a long way. Props to Matt and the whole Mt. Holly crew.

Is this real life??

Matt Ruhle can do it all! Filmed in 4 days at Mt Holly

Matt Ruhle is on troll kid level.

Ohhhh mmmmm GGGGGGG? Master Matt Ruhle

Other parks in Michigan grab a pad and pen and take notes. Matt you killed it

Someone get this kid a super park invite

Ruhle = best park rider in MI. Fact!

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