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Lucas Patrick 2

Damn dudes, ok so, at the beginning of this season I would watch some of the short Dusty Miller and Jackie Lammert clips and there was this new dude that was just killing it strolling with them. Clip after clip, pic after pic he kept popping up and we were all like “damn, who the hell is that kid”. I remember one day at Bittersweet I was talking on the chairlift about Boyne’s park looking way better this season and someone was like “dude who is that kid riding with Dusty? That kid is brutal”. Well it’s this youngin’, Lucas Patrick. We don’t know him that well, but this kid is damn good. Everything is real sharp. I mean real sharp. Usually, our Staff Picks have consisted of people who have had their own personal edits and have been on the scene for sometime. When we approached Lucas he didn’t have one single edit, surprisingly. Kids who are doing the tricks this kid does usually have something to show for it, but nope, so that dude went out and in a single night made a banger edit…on a swallowtail no less. I think the edit does well by him. It’s techie, precise, and clean as all get out. Not to mention, I feel like he’s got a bit of old soul to him as well. Maybe it’s just because I liked his response to our questions that we throw in our staff picks so the reader can get a feel for the rider personally. I think his answer kind of nailed the objectivity in our scene. It’s weird how we behave as snowboarders. I mean we all slide around on silly little pieces of wood and wire. We should strive for our snowboarding and share it with others, but most importantly we should just do it because we love it and want to have fun. Very few people will ever be able to do it for a career. I think it’s important to remember that when you’re out there taking yourself too seriously.

I’m just out here riding with my dawgs having a good time doing what I love.


Lucas Patrick 3

Name Lucas Patrick
Age 18
Hometown Boyne City
Resort Boyne Mtn.
Set Up 149 Gang Plank with some Vitas and 32’s tm-two’s
Video Credit Dusty Miller

Talk about the edit:

I had no personal edits, so my boy Dusty Miller filmed me one night for like an hour on the swallow tail we made the previous day haha. It’s overall just a mellow edit. Also, Jackie Lammert helped me get stoked while filming! It was way easier filming tricks on a snowboard with no swing weight, yaknow.

Vid Cred: Dusty Miller @bmtmiller

Anything you want to say snowboarding related:

Not really haha, but I feel like snowboarding is very controversial and I’m not sure where I stand in relation to what is cool and what is not. Snowboarders are kinda cliquey in my opinion; everyone has something to prove before the local community can accept them. I’m the same way, but I wish I wasn’t. Snowboarding is fun and if we don’t choose to enjoy it with others what is the point? Actually I have lots to say haha… lots of hate is generated within the snowboard community, I am guilty as anyone, but why do we feel entitled to someone else’s snowboarding and what they choose to boast? No matter what I say I’ll be hated on for it so I don’t care anymore. I’m just out here riding with my dawgs having a good time doing what I love. Ultimately people just need to be more like Alex Stathis, just kidding, but he is a dude that I really do respect.

Lucas Patrick

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