Good Times, Good Friends

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We’re back…just like Dr. Dre! His last album is still one of my favorites to shred to. I guess that makes me old. I’m not old though, I still snowboard. I snowboard a lot. Maybe not as much as I used to, but I still get out and do what I can. You see, I love to snowboard and this is one of my favorite times of the year. Seriously, my TV is playing old snowboard vids, new snowboard clips, and trailers for this season. My history log on my computer is full of snowboard websites. I am constantly checking for when new snowboard films for the year are coming out. I find myself watching the trailers over and over. For some reason I can’t get enough. I really just can’t wait for the snow to start falling.
Hope is near, Cannonsburg is having their annual Shredtoberfest on Saturday, October 24th. They go all out. The kids go all out. They’re hungry for snowboarding. Shredtoberfest is a great time to see a bunch of peeps you haven’t seen since last winter. In addition to the comp, Cannonsburg will premiere the new Total Revenue movie “In Perpetuum” which looks to be stocked full of local Michigan shredders. Mike Harrington will also be premiering his new Flanel movie “Take Care.” These two films will showcase some of Michigan’s best shredders and heavy street spots around the area.
Like I said, I have the snowboard itch. I started to go through some video from last season and found clips from when I rode one day with MB team rider Ben John Bob and contributor Matt Thommen and man this is it. This is what I love about snowboarding, just goofing around shredding with friends. It doesn’t get any better. I can’t wait until this season, but until then I will have to keep on watching videos and praying for snow. See you on the hill!

Bad Hips nice Lips from Shortstack Media on Vimeo.

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