TM-2 by Thirty-Two

TM-2TM-2 by Thirty-Two


Who : 32
What : TM-2 boot
Where : Your Local 32 Dealer
When : September 2015
Why : Performance Fit, Evolution Foam Outsole, 3D Molded Tongue, Tongue Tension System, Articulated Cuff, System G2 Gel

How :

  • The stiffer feel of the Performance liners offers excellent support and edge to edge quickness.
  • The lightest boots on the market start from the ground up and the Evolution foam outsole is not only incredibly light but insanely comfortable!
  • No one wants any pinching anywhere on their boots and by pre-molding the tongue your boot is not only pinch free but it fits like a dream.
  • Foot hold is always #1 when it comes to boots. By adding straps to the tongue and incorporating them in the lacing system the tighter you pull on the laces the further the tongue is pulled towards your foot.
  • The Articulated cuff acts like a hinge allowing the upper of the shell to flex independently around the lower allowing a better fit and no shell distortion.  This means boots that fit tighter for longer.
  • As if the evolution foam was comfy enough, there is a G2 gel pad in the heel for those high impact landings.

Personal Thoughts: This was easily my favorite boot out of the ones I tested. It has incredible fit, all day comfort, and unreal performance. There’s a darn good reason this boot has been in 32’s line longer than any other. It’s definitely the best all-mountain in the line up and for a couple extra bucks it will outlast the majority of boots on the market.

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