Whiskey by Arbor

Arbor WhiskeyWhiskey by Arbor

Who : Arbor
What : Whiskey
Where : Your Local Arbor Dealer
When : September 2015
Why : System Rocker, Grip Tech, Ash Power Ply Top, Single Malt Core, Mixed Glassing, Extruded Base

How :

  • The System Rocker features a parabolic shape where the rocker gradually decreases towards the tips. This allows for a nice floaty catch free design that still engages turns quickly.
  • By adding extra contact points at your feet the Grip Tech makes all of the Arbor board rip through hard icy conditions.
  • All natural top sheets made from specially constructed wood veneers not only look amazing but add strength and pop without adding weight.
  • 100% Sustainable Poplar Single Malt Core has the liveliness and durability you need without a big price tag.
  • By mixing Triaxial glass with Biaxial glass you get the best of park and all mountain performance.
  • The Extruded base material gives you a lightweight tough option for all types of conditions.


Personal Thoughts : Fun Fun Fun! Predictable, lively, stable and on top of that this thing mobbed through the mashed potato conditions with no troubles. I tried riding a cambered board that day but that lasted about 4 runs before I was sick of getting sucked in left and right. With the parabolic rocker I was able to keep up speed and feel just as comfortable as if the snow didn’t resemble a thanksgiving side dish. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the Arbor line!!!

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