Lashed Boot by ThirtyTwo


Lashed Boot by ThirtyTwo

Who: 32
What: Lashed Boot
Where: Your Local 32 Dealer
When: September 2015
Why: Team Fit, Evolution Foam Outsole, Independent Eyestay, 3D Molded Tongue, Articulated Cuff, Custom Intuition Liners.


  • The team fit gives you comfort without lacking performance.
  • The lightest boots start at the ground and the high density foam in the Evolution Outsoles are not only incredibly lightweight and durable.
  • Better fit means more better performance and comfort, which means more riding.  The independent eyestay allows you to lace up tight so your feet stay put for the long haul.
  • By preshaping the tongue it eliminates pinching and gives the boot an even flex
  • The Articulated Cuff allows the upper and lower parts of the shell to flex independently eliminating shell distortion and prolonging the life your boots
  • The heat moldable liners will not only give you the most customizable fit but 32 works directly with Inuition to make sure the performance of the liner matches perfectly with each boot in the line up.

Personal Thoughts: I was a little bummed that 32 removed the independent eyestay at the heel/ankle area this year because that piece alone made it effortless to crank your heel back down in the boot. The team riders were saying the flex was a little too soft so by making it all one piece along he side it sturdied up the boot. You just need to crank your laces a bit harder to hold you heel down. That being said there’s a reason this is one of the best selling all mountain boots in the market. If you want one boot that an do anything and wont break the bank this is your boot. Soft enough to rule the park and stiff enough to slash some pow! Comfort, performance and a price tag under $250 you can’t go wrong. I’ve ridden many different Lashed models through the years and they never disappoint.

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