DL by Flux

Flux DL

DL by Flux

Who : Flux
What : DL
Where : Your Local Flux Dealer
When : September 2015
Why : Ultima Wing Highback, Ultima Base, Hybrid Footbed, Honeycomb Strap, UU Fit.

How :

  • The super tough nylon winged highback offers a medium stiffness for the ultimate blend of support and flexibility.  Adding the wing on the outside gives you extra stability on landings and more leverage when pressing.
  • By blending carbon with the nylon in the baseplate you not only get a crazy lightweight binding but you get unrivaled response. Flux added custom urethane stabilizers to provide even more response by eliminating heel roll.
  • The EVA material in the Hybrid Footbed combines a softer inner with a stiffer outer to maximize cushioning and response.
  • Shaping a strap properly adds comfort and removing padding increases control. The Honeycomb strap has no padding and just the right shape! Ultimate performance edge to edge in a strap you don’t feel.
  • UU Fit System gives you a comfortable 360 degree wrap which evens out pressure and gives you a more natural feel and hold in your binding.

Personal Thoughts : Pretty impressed with this model vs the RK models I rode and reviewed last year. I was very excited to see all of the useless “toolless” adjustment pieces replaced with standard hardware. I still have the same feeling about the ratchets though. I never feel like I can get them extra tight. I can crank em tight enough to ride but I feel like they are lacking a bit of leverage to get them really tight. Other than that they are much lighter over all and the strap is waaaaay more comfortable (you really can’t even feel it when riding). My favorite part was the winged highback. I love having that little extra to lean on and my old ass needs all the advantages I can get.

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