STFU About Pando !!!!

I guess I’ll start this off with a disclaimer… this isn’t intended to be hateful and I apologize in advance that it is indeed negative, but I just can’t take it anymore. These are the opinions of Benny West and no one else associated with


Dear other snowboard blog,

Can you please shut the fuck up about Pando? Your initial article, (yes the one you took down and re-wrote because everyone from Pando shit on it) was bad enough, but continuing to put out click bait bullshit just in order to get views and possible traffic to your site is gross. Your most recent attempt to incite discussion on your site has only made it even more painfully clear that your article is indeed what I just labeled it as… click bait. The Pando situation is too sensitive to be used in such a manner and had you ever been to Pando and formed relationships with the people you would have more of an understanding of it.  Instead, you produce these articles that are purely intended for drawing site traffic and not to actually provide substantial, worthwhile, heartfelt information. Have more class and show some respect when coming at something like this.

The news is that the Pando locals aren’t pumped about the situation, but you want to feed off that like some goddamn leach. The truth is there is a long time rivalry between the two resorts and their locals.  Anyone who claims Pando is not happy about this…if anything they’re sad. To be even more truthful, and this is going to hurt feelings, but the whole spin Cannonsburg has put on the purchase -“saving the place”  “not wanting to see another ski hill close” and such-is not entirely accurate. It’s a nice way to spin it and sometimes saying stuff like that helps with the pain, but they did it to control the block. In a time where everyone has to be ultra politically correct it would be impossible to present it any other way, but anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn’t have any business sense and isn’t being honest. No one in the snowboard industry right now has the money to save anything. The rivalry between the two resorts runs too deep for it to have nothing to do with it. It makes perfect business sense to buy your rivals business and shut ‘em down.  Do I think Cannonsburg is or even wants to “shut ‘em down”?  No, I have no real idea and neither does anyone except Cannonsburg’s upper management, but shit… in a time where the snowboard industry is hurting you don’t buy another resort just to save it. I love Cannonsburg, I love Pando. They both have done and continue to do amazing things for the snowboard community here in Michigan, but I am going to call it like I see it. I have more of a relationship with the Pando kids than I do with the Burg locals, but that doesn’t mean shit when I am writing about something that is as important as this. This is not me perpetuating Cannonsburg hate, this me reporting in an honest, truthful, and faceless way. I accept the repercussions of that. Michigan Boarder is not for sale.

Pando 2

Back to the click bait….

Pando does have history, yeah Jake fucking Burton was there once (siren noise), but the real importance is the history of Pando’s rawness. Pando came to the freestyle table first and ever since they have never strayed from the path that snowboarding initially set down so long ago. While everything including snowboarding has become glitz, glam and cookie cutter… Pando did not.  With the good and despite the bad that being “core” entails, Pando stayed truest to the game. Regardless of how Cannonsburg decides to handle the situation, regardless if they build and improve on the property, regardless if they completely pull out all the stops and create a metropolis of awesomeness, Michigan snowboarding has suffered a loss and it should be treated like such.

So I urge you… stop with the click bait on this one.

Benny West

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