Funslinger by Never Summer

FunslingerFunslinger by Never Summer

Who : Never Summer
What: Funslinger
Where : Your Local Never Summer Dealer
When : Available Now!
Why : Boost Flex Core, Carbon VXR Laminate, Ripsaw Profile, Vario Grip Sidecut, STS Pretensioned and Bi-Lite Glass, Harmonic Tip Dampener, FDS Dampening, Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers, Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls

How :

  • The Boost Flex Core
  • By laying carbon in a “V” shape extending from the bindings to you contact points you get the ultimate combo of edge hold and pop from the VXR Laminate.
  • Increased camber in the tips from the Ripsaw adds pop and quickness from edge to edge.
  • The Vario Grip combines deep, shallow, and flat sidecut sections that not only enter and exit turns effortlessly but lock into hard icy conditions. The harder you push the more it grips.
  •  The combination of the pre-hardened, elastomer infused STS glass with the incredibly light Bi-Lite glass creates an incredibly lively feeling board with unmatched strength.
  • With a plethora of dampening materials this board absorbs all the bad vibrations without loosing pop.
  • A staple in the NS line the Ptex sidewalls never crack and keep their integrity no matter what the temp outside.

Personal Thoughts : Wow, wow, wow! It took only 2 days for me to put this in my top 5 favorite boards of all time! A few more runs on this bad lad and I can see it climb to the top quick (only time will tell). Soft forgiving feel, super snappy with lively pop, and holds an edge like crazy! Can’t wait to get her into some deep stuff and find out how she floats. Dig trenches to the park and then own that motha! When you can literally carve circles on a park board it opens up a whole new bag of options when riding park features.

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