Deep Creek Parka by ThirtyTwo

Deep Creek Parka
Deep Creek Parka by ThirtyTwo

Who: 32
What: Deep Creek Parka
Where: Your Local 32 Dealer
When: Available Now!
Why: 10k/10g Nylon Slub Shell, Parka Fit, Level 2 2L lining system, Fully Taped Seams, Lycra Wrist Gaiters, Mesh Lined Vents


  • Shell is twice as waterproof/breathable as standard outerwear
  • Military Fishtail Parka style for a taller fit
  • The Comfort Mesh Lining in the 2L system gives you a light weight feel with out sacrificing a little warmth for those cooler nights
  • Water can’t sneak in any of the seams thanks to the fully taped system.
  • The snow stays out of your sleeves and gloves thanks to the Lycra Wrist Gaiters
  • Snow stays out and your body heat can be regulated with the Mesh Lined Vents

Personal Thoughts: Love this jacket! Love the fit, the style, the tech.  The long parka style cut helps give a bit of a fresh look compared to all the other jackets on the market.  I especially like that it looks like a causal jacket that you can wear after riding. The one thing that I find a bit weird is the positioning of the 2 upper pockets on the front. It seems to me that the flaps should open the other way but It’s a minor detail that wouldn’t stop me from owning this fine article of outerwear. Go try one on for yourself and enjoy!

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