Engler Pants by ThirtyTwo

Engler Pant

Engler Pants by ThirtyTwo

Who: 32
What: Engler Pants
Where: Your Local 32 Dealer
When: Available Now!

Why: 20k/20g Nylon Shell, Regular Fit, Level 3 2L Lining System, Fully Taped Seams, Double Mesh Lined Vents, Snap Lift Cuffs


  • 100% Nylon Shell that is 4 times as waterproof and breathable than your standard outerwear.
  • Fit is not too baggy, not too slim, its juuuuuuust right!
  • The fleece lining system and comfort mesh keeps you dry from the inside, meaning maximum warmth in the coldest conditions.
  • Every stitch has tiny little holes were water can seep in, fully taped seams means the water wont be sneaking in anywhere.
  • The Double Mesh Lined vents means unwanted heat goes out and no unwanted snow gets in.
  • Keep your cuffs off the ground and squeaky clean during après with the Snap Lift Cuffs.

Personal Thoughts: One of the better fitting pants I’ve worn. The 2L system in combination with the venting makes for pants that regulate temperature extremely well. Rocked these things with just a ninja suit in spring conditions and negative wind chill conditions and my legs were loving every minute of it.

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