Bittersweet Park Crew gets stacked for the 2016 Season

Bittersweet Park Crew gets stacked for the 2016 Season

It’s no secret that Bittersweet has been putting some serious effort into their park as of late. This year they have continued that bswe2progression with the addition of entirely new park management. Most of you know that I managed the park last season and I am proud of what I built, but I stepped down in order to keep that forward movement going. There is no way with my work and family obligations I could have improved the situation and instead of being stagnate I passed the torch to Derek Niemi. Derek’s park building skills are more than adequate to fill the position. Until recently he was the manager for Mission Ridge in Washington. Derek is from Bittersweet originally and I am glad he is back and willing to carry the torch. Alex Mcnett who sat 2nd chair for me last year is also helping Derek manage this season. Coincidentally, Alex also worked with Derek at Mission Ridge so they already have a great thing going on. With these two Bittersweet is in good hands and numerous new features have been built and await winter.

If that wasn’t enough the refugees of the recent Pando debacle have found a home at Bittersweet. Andy Smith, Pando’s main park builder, groomer, and do-all has signed on to groom and build bswe3park. Mark Reinhardt has also made the transfer as well. Having these guys at Bittersweet is like winning the lottery for the people who ride the park there. Andy and Mark are creative and have the talent and now they have the tools. Rounding off the team are a few youngsters like Mullet Chicken Jake Hermann, my good friend “Luke” Moussalli, a couple of skiers, and Timber Ridge transplant Matt Ruterbusch.


It’s bitter sweet to not be working park this year, but I feel so good about who is taking the helm and it will give me a chance to actually snowboard and do MB. I back the shit out of this crew and I couldn’t be more pumped on what they have produced thus far. Lots of new features in the works! Hopefully Mother Nature will stop being a bitch and will give those guys a chance to show everyone what they got!


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