Leader Winch (Made in Michigan)

Michigan has been killing it lately in regards to the shred. Numerous spots in numerous pro videos, top marks for our terrain parks, our kids are killing it , our photographers and designers are getting magazine jobs, we have some brands turning out quality snowboards, and now our we have our very own winch company that has just become the official winch for Video Grass. That’s something!

We decided that something this special needed to be looked into further so we got with Mario Cosentino to talk about how his brand, Leader Winch.  We wanted to know how it got it’s start, how it got into the hands of the pros, and what the future holds for the brand.

It really exemplifies what we want this site content to revolve around, Michigan based snow kids doing their thing and building a future around what they love… behold the Leader Winch story.

By Benny West


marzleaderLets start with your name?

Mario Cosentino

How long you been shredding? 

I have been snowboarding 21 years out of my 37 year life… not including the early Black Snow and borrowed board days.

Home resort?

I grew up riding Holly, Alpine and Pine Knob, shooting up to Boyne or Nubs on weekends.

And the setup your on?

Nowadays I have an Interior Plain Project Honalee 154 with some old Union Forces, soon to get the B-Shaw T9’s

Explain Leader Winch: who started it, when did it start, and why did it start:

I was given the chance to start Leader Winch Co. in late January 2015 after successfully building my own personal machine. I designed and built another winch back in 2009 and was excited to develop another utilizing more of a compact design and lighter materials.

I understand that you have recently placed your set up with some pros including Lucas Magoon? How did that come about?

Building a respectable team to showcase what our machines are capable of was/is my top priority. After promoting my prototype winch on Instagram last winter to try and test interest, I came in contact with some very solid crews. One being Cole Taylor and a few of the TechNine homeys. They ended up using my prototype winch for a couple days while filming in Detroit. Gooner was in town as well and came thru to my house while hanging out with our local pride Jack Harris. I got to meet and chill with da Goon and it was on from there. Sponsoring Lucas, one of my favorite riders from the o.g. street generation, is like paying tribute to our genre of Snowboarding.


Not to mention, but we are now the official winch sponsor for VideoGrass. We sent out two winches a couple weeks ago to the VG guys in time for them to start filming for the winter. I am beyond excited to see all the rippers that get to shred with our machines.

Break down the products, how much are they? If someone wanted to place an order, what’s the turn around time? Sell the piece to us we want to hear the pitch on them, what makes Leader the best?

Our winches are fast, light and reliable while looking fresh as well.

Leader Winch Co. offers two models of towing devices, each come fully equipped with wheels and rope. Our standard winch pulls the average weighted rider up to speeds around 25 mph. Our “Pro Spec” winch is our fastest engine option utilizing a modified Briggs & Stratton engine, the Pro Spec can pull over 15 mph faster than average winches, topping out to speeds of over 40 mph across snow! 1900$/2200$ plus shipping. Expect 2-3 weeks build time when ordering unless you are lucky and catch a machine in stock.

The season has started out slow, what do you have planned personally for this season?

After getting totally spoiled by the last couple winters, I am feening for natty snow bad! Plans for this winter include possibly finally making the drive out to Colorado winch in hand. I have peeps up in Houghton/ Hancock I owe a visit too as well in case we are plagued with low levels down here this season.

Anything new for Leader coming up for 2016?

As 2016 approaches we are getting ready to officially launch the company and get the brand into shops. We have a whole clothing release about to finish production, offering tees, hoodies, riding jackets, hats and some other quality offerings riddled with L.W.C. quality and detail. As we continue to build and grow as a company we hope to make our own place in the snowboard industry. We are truly here for the love of riding and the opportunity to be down with so many other riders.


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