Eastwood Goggles by Bern

Bern Eastwood

Eastwood Goggles by Bern

Who: Bern

What: Eastwood goggles 

Where: Your Local Bern Dealer 

When: Sept/Oct 2015 

Why: Plus Foam Frame, Lens Pop, Spherical Lens, Goggle Integration 


  • The Plus Foam Frame is the first soft foam goggle frame that if not only incredibly light weight but it is 100% Recycleable and has virtually 0 manufacturing waste.
  • You should always have AT LEAST 2 lenses for you goggles and the Lens Pop System makes swapping lenses a snap for maximum visibility no matter what the light conditions.
  • The Spherical Lens shape gives you unmatched peripheral vision with far less distortion and glare.
  • Being a helmet company Bern knows that making you goggles fit with helmets is #1

Personal Thoughts: Being in this industry for over 20 years I always get skeptical when a company so known for 1 product branches out to try something new.  That being said I do always stay optimistic because it usually means some new tech is about to be introduced.  Bern did not disappoint! The Plus Foam frame is incredibly lightweight and fit perfectly around my face. That in conjunction with the large spherical lens helped me keep my sanity by not making it look like I was staring down a tunnel. Two thumbs up to Bern in their latest endeavor, cant wait to see what else they have in the future.

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