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“Undercut is just mainly about not caring. If you want to skate or snowboard until you’re 90 do it, if you want to drink beer with your friends, or play video games until 6 in the morning. Just do it. I created this because I’m so burnt out on this whole fucking idea of “this is cool, this isn’t cool”. If you like the stuff we make awesome, if not awesome, go buy something else. I want this brand to represent having fun with your homies, not secretly bitching about people and the shit they do or wear. It’s fucking lame. “ ~ Jimmy Egas


Undercut, a Michigan based clothing brand whose name has as much significance as the designs that adorn its apparel.  Undercut itself is derived from the exact circumstances that lead up to the brands inception. Undercut by friends, Undercut by the industry and Undercut by heroes, the brand embodies itself.

Born from the now dissolved apparel portion of Flanel Lifestyles, Undercut promises to pick up where Flanel left off. Founder Jimmy Egas gives us the scoop on the brand and how exactly everything evolved into what is now becoming one of the most sought after apparel collections for next season.

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Start with the basics: who, when and what started Undercut?


So it actually started a while back. I had started Flanel as a lifestyle company, just making basic graphics and shit my friends and I thought were cool. Mike Harrington came on and then Charlie Hoffman. It was awesome making something rad with two of your closest friends; however good things always have an expiration date. We liquidized skateboarding from the brand, and I was like that’s cool. There’s already enough skate brands, and then came the news that, “Were no longer a brand anymore”.  It sucked. It bummed me out that all these decisions were being made without me. To an extent I got it, I was living in California away from the scene and everything. However, then I was designing at Enemy Skateboards and doing freelance for Vans, like shit that was paying the bills, but I was just constantly being hit for designs that I didn’t want to make, its like I was so burnt out, I was releasing shitty stuff. And it wasn’t like graphics I liked; it wasn’t shit I’d wear, but what other people liked. So I made it.  When I moved back to Michigan, I thought shit would change, but I just wasn’t a main role in it anymore. It was about the riders.  I got it. I was fine with it. It’s just not what I started it for. So I felt like I no longer needed to be a part of it. It was nothing personal or against those dudes. I’m still best friends with them and they understood. Hell, Charlie is one of the biggest supporters of my art. So I left Flanel and everyone was telling me all this shit, that may or may not have been being said and I just got to a point where I said, “fuck it”.

I wanted to make shit; I loved doing it why wouldn’t I do it. I have always been overshadowed for my work or taken advantage over it. Hell, one of my favorite artists literally stole a graphic from me. Fucking sent him a sample of my deck I designed; BOOM next two days saw my graphic on his Instagram. Shits weak, but whatever. So I started Undercut as a way for me to find the fun in designing again and to give my friends hoodies and shirts.


So who exactly is behind the brand?


unnamed (1)As of right now, there are a couple of us. In the beginning, it was just myself spearheading the operation, managing products, talking to people about making the winter jackets, designing the graphics, buying samples, finding photographers, everything. I was already becoming overwhelmed. I wanted to do everything myself, so there was no fault, no lean. Just me. It wasn’t working, so I brought on a couple of people that weren’t in my immediate friend group, or people who didn’t have a solid in with Flanel, or in a way to where I’d be simply stepping on their toes. So the first person I hit up was Adam Roberts, who’s helped tremendously. From the start he was helping me with graphic ideas, article styles, everything really. We’re trying to get him more involved, seeing how he could be a huge benefit to the brand itself. I also brought on two young guns from around the local area.  Alec Hougland who’s a young graphic designer from Boyne City, he’s still new to the whole apparel design, but in its own way it’s perfect being able to be brutally honest with him and have him just brush it off and move on. I’m excited to be able to help mold him into a designer that fits perfectly with the brand. Nick Snider is another local I brought on to help build attention towards us. I also have him shooting photos and running the social media and last but definitely not least is (Spaghetti Boy) Noah Talentino, one of my closest friends and literally supports the shit out of us. There are some things in the works for him. He’ll end up playing a big role.


When is the brand avail?


The brand itself goes live this coming fall; however that doesn’t mean a bunch of it isn’t floating around. I want to have people see it, but not be able to easily get it. (Learned that from Mike Harrington) haha

Our site launches in the fall and we also have a couple core shops we will be selling in. I can’t really name any just yet because we’re working out some final kinks.


What do you hope to accomplish in your first season?


With our first season, I just want people to enjoy the stuff we’re putting out. We have some awesome dudes repping it right now.  I just want people to know that it’s just a shitty clothing company and that I am doing this for fun and that I love designing and snowboarding.  I’m not like planning on making money off of this right away. I just want my friends to be hyped and laugh at the graphics. So overall, I just want people to enjoy the idea of it as much as I do. It would be awesome to be able to live off of it, but for now, its just fun.


Anything else?


Big thanks to…








Big Doug

And anyone else who has supported along the way!


*Undercut is working on a website and is currently utilizing Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_undercut/ as their main media outlet. A complete lookbook is scheduled for release late summer in preparation for the 16/17-winter season. Get your pocketbook out!


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