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Ladies and gentleman we present to you the first in a series of our long over due Staff Picks. This particular piece is dear to me because of its super authentic subject, Kyle Moldenhauer. I have always taken pride in selecting the Staff Picks, as I’ve wanted to showcase shreds that were authentic and deserving of praise. I’ve killed it in most of our picks yet failed in some others. What can you do?  It is what it is, but Kyle is the real deal. Kyle is a Bittersweet local and has been on the map for sometime. Kyle doesn’t ride with the intention of being watched or praised or being the superstar in the latest hip edit. Kyle rides for fun. Sure he films and gets shots, but you can see and feel the joy in his riding. It’s always been that way, but this year especially you could tell that it was meaningful. I didn’t want to make this article about Kyle’s brain surgery and its not, but you can tell that it brought Kyle to a different level and I think it’s the level spiritually that all legit snowboarders work to achieve… minus the tumor removal. I am not going to go on about his surgery other than I am happy he made it through and is shredding. Kyle was due for a Staff Pick way before that anyways. I just needed to catch up with life.

Kyle’s riding….

Kyle’s riding is very stylish in an old school manner as opposed to what is considered stylish these days. There is a wildness to it that is pretty appealing and fun to watch. Kid boosts for real. I mean dude is always up there and he is always going for broke.  In a make it or break it situation he always seems to get it done and ride away. He has lots of tricks…rails, kickers, and everything in between. This dude is a side hit extraordinaire. I believe Kyle to be the second person to land a double back on a snowboard at Bittersweet; second to Michigan Boarder staff member Matt Thommen. That’s pretty impressive! Normally I am not a flip type of guy, but that shit wasn’t cheesy at all.

Like all Staff Picks, I gave Kyle the opportunity to explain his background, to say a few things snowboard related, and to submit an edit. Kyle, in good form, sent in an edit not only showcasing his talents, but tons of Bittersweet kids as well. I’m so pumped for Kyle and am excited for his future. Humans take things for granted daily. Snowboarding is taken for granted. There is something more there besides gear and ego. Even the “lifestyle” isn’t real, regardless of your skill on a board you feel snowboarding or you don’t. You are snowboarding or you aren’t. Kyle is….

Behold the Kyle Moldenhauer Staff Pick…

Kyle 1

Name Kyle Moldenhauer
Age 25
Hometown Dyer, Indiana
Resort Bittersweet Ski Resort
Set Up Capita Ultra Fear 153
Union Contact
Thirty-two PAS lows
and the brain bucket helmet Sandbox.
Video Credit The one and only” Matt Pearson
Photo Credit Jon Mollema

Talk about the edit:

Matty Pearson aka Femurboy! at The Shred Shop came up to Bittersweet and ended up putting in mad work filming with a few of us. I met Matt over the summer though I have been around Noah, Jon, Charlie, and Renz for a few seasons. They absolutely rip, it’s gnarly watching their progression happen in the process, motivating to say the least. Bittersweet’s park was stacked all winter; they have the right dudes out there building with a good, consistent flow. Their work following Benny’s last season has generated a lot of momentum with keeping people on the hill regularly. It’s mad fun, check it.

Thanks Femurboy!

Plans for Next Season:

Driving. Riding. Filming.

After a major surgery this past July, I spent the concluding six months of 2015 focusing on my health. Recovery was super important to me. With the timing it was unclear when/if I would make it out this season. I made it for opening day 15/16. It worked out really well. Learning to discipline myself all winter, to take it slow, focus on my riding on a real basic level was something new to me, and very necessary. This shorty season allowed for me to feel everything out again. That “back to the basics” mentality at 25 brought on the beginner’s fun that I haven’t got from riding since I was a kid. I got back to it right away! I’m stoked. Whatever I had going all these years has just powered up.


Anything you want to say snowboarding related:

Make good turns with your friends! That’s Whatsupperzz! Have a bunch of fun, be a good, helpful person. Focus on the fun in riding. Snowboarding has shaped a larger part of my life; since I was 5 it has been a learning process I have incorporated into my life. I have generated so much love for snowboarding, it became the largest motivation in my recovery. Sharing this interest with others is a gnarly thing many see through. The snowboard community is off the hook and I am working towards being apart of it and giving back everything it has given me since VHS tapes.

The hours traveled over years in every direction from Indiana, skipping out in middle of classes, sleeping in my car or hardwood floors, injuries, the bitter cold, partying with the homies; it all comes with looking to ride. I am grateful for each person I have met, all the support, and interest is super rad. My family, friends, work homies, mad thanks, it has been a crazy 10 months. The people I have met in the last few years through riding you all know it’s a constant killer time! The dudes at Michigan Boarder and The Shred Shop, thanks for keeping it going out here.


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