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Before getting started I just want to clarify that there are a few of us doing the writing here so you will likely see different formats for our reviews. My style is a bit different to the other guys.  I just basically write my feelings and you may be lucky to get tech info sporadically throughout the piece. Not ideal I know. The review may also be peppered with profanity and metaphors that you may not understand. It is what it is…never claimed to be a writer.

img_6494On display for my absurd criticalness is the Candy Grind Game Changer mitt. For years my friend Shannon Turner, CG rep, tried to get me to try Candy Grind gloves and I refused. I refused solely based on the name.  I couldn’t help but correlate it to a west coast stripper who performs to Bassnectar; completely out of the question.

While on visit to our store to discuss an entirely different brand, Shannon and I got on the subject of completely over priced bullshit in the industry. Brands that were doing well solely based on how cool they were at the moment. I brought up gloves. You know the hundred plus dollar hot ticket item that every kid has that last about a month into the season, right? That’s when Shannon brought up Candy Grind again.

I was given the Game Changer mitt. It felt nice.  I wanted to hate it.  A terrible thing to say I know, but again, I had a preconceived notions of the brand that didn’t fit with my typical norms. I tried to ruin them. I remember standing at a tow rope just letting it blaze through my hands for minutes on end laughing with my buds who behind me urged me to get my “fucking ass” up the hill… I chuckled maniacally.   Upon reaching my destination (top of the park) I expected to look at my hands and see the bloody remains of what used to be a glove. I found only a nice pair of gloves staring back at me with a smirk that really felt like a big fuck you. The mittens and I had a moment. I knew that had I been wearing my usual gloves they would have developed a burn in the palm and the seam that ran along my index finger would have likely opened.  I decided to continue my abuse for a few more days, which eventually turned into the entire season. I developed a relationship with the gloves, I cursed the name of other gloves, and held my pair of Game Changer mitts in such high regard that I’ve actually taken time out of my life to write about them.

img_6495Here is the news bruh,

  1. The mitts are just as comfortable and just as warm as gloves twice the price.
  2. The mitts tested retail for 59.95.  That’s outrageous for a glove of this quality.
  3. Full grain leather shell.
  4. Dryatec breatheable waterproof membrane.
  5. Moisture wicking Microfleece lining.
  6. 2oz Thinsulate lining
  7. Available in 2 colors… Black and Yellow-ish.
  8. The brand itself is actually comprised of super nice and caring individuals who focus on making high quality goods rather than their image. Kind of refreshing really, but yes, you will see skiers wearing the gloves.  I personally don’t give a shit.  They’ve been wearing our shit for awhile now.

$60 people!


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