Arbor Coda

Arbor – Coda

Who: Arbor

What: Coda

Where: Your Local Arbor Dealer

When: October 2016

Why: Bamboo Power Ply, Thunderhead Tips, Double Barrel II Core, Mixed Glassing, 360 Rails, Sintered Base


  • The real bamboo topsheet not only looks rich but also adds unparalleled pop and strength to the entire board.
  • Thunderhead Tip shapes make the Coda incredibly versatile for big mountain riding by adding speed in the deepest powder.
  • The Double Barrel II Core is a lightweight poplar core with bamboo running along the rails for extra spring, edge hold and stability. The best of both worlds.
  • By mixing Bi-axial and Tri-axial fiberglass the Coda is responsive edge to edge and off jumps with out being too stiff for all mountain cruising.
  • 360 degree wrapped sidewall for all around durability.
  • With a board that rides anywhere you want the extra durability and speed of the sintered base is a must have.

Personal Thoughts: Two thumbs up on this sucker.  Rode it on a warm somewhat sloppy day and still had a blast, the rocker plowed through the mashed potatoes.  Very predictable edge to edge without feeling dead under foot. The best thing about this board is even though it is an all-mountain board the twin shape and mixed glassing makes it predictable enough to ride in the park.  I wouldn’t recommend it as a specific park board but definitely don’t second-guess taking some hot laps when the fresh stuff gets tracked up!

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