Arbor – Hemlock Binding


Arbor – Hemlock Binding

Who: Arbor

What: Hemlock Binding

Where: Your Local Arbor Dealer

When: October 2016 

Why: X–Drive baseplate with 15% Glass mix, 75A Durometer Outsole, Dual Density EVA Footbed with 1.5° Built-In Cant, Wire–Core Adjustor Strap, Extruded Aluminum Heelcup, 2×4 Universal Mini–Disc, Asymmetrical Highbacks with 10° lateral pre–rotation.


  • The 4 contact points of the X-Drive baseplate ensures even pressure distribution 100% of the time and a slightly softer smoother feel.
  • The outsole provides edge to edge response while still adding cushioning and reducing chatter.
  • Mixing 2 different stiffnesses in the footbed give you durability and cushioning plus the slight cant reduces ankle fatigue so you can ride longer.
  • The adjustable aluminum heelcup gives you a little extra sturdiness pushing in and out of turns while maximizing adjustability for all boot sizes/types.
  • By reducing the size of the disc the binding is allowed a bit more flexibility in the baseplate where you need it, which helps maximize the use of the flex in your board.
  • The asymmetrical highback has a softer side to side feel and fits more ergonomically with your feet/ankles for more freedom of movement and

Personal Thoughts: Rode both of the bindings from Arbor and they both were fantastic. The Hemlock is like the softer more park oriented binding and still felt great.  So I’m not just repeating myself for the Cyprus binding review click here. (insert link to Cyrpus page here)

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