Ride – Warpig


Ride – Warpig

Who: Ride

What: Warpig

Where: Your Local Ride Dealer

When: September 2016 

Why: Directional Rocker, Roll In Slimewalls, Carbon Array 3, Performance Core, Cleave Edge, Hybrid Glass, Topless Construction


  • Having more rocker in the front gives a better all around performance especially in deeper snow.
  • The slimewalls add durability and dampening but with the Roll In Slimewalls there is a unique glass structure around the walls increasing the durability and reducing weight.
  • By placing widespread carbon stringers at the bindings running from heel to toe across the board the Carbon Array 3 laminates increase pop and stability as fell as transferring energy from you bindings to your contact points
  • High strength Aspen combined with Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia wood core gives you the ultimate strength to weight ratio.
  • With 50% more steel the Cleave Edge gives more bite, more tune-ability and most important more durability.
  • Triaxal on Top, Biaxal on the bottom. Not to stiff but with above average pop. The Hybrid Glass is the best of both worlds.
  • This board has no topsheet!  The graphics are on the top layer of glass so weight is incredibly reduced!

Personal Thoughts: Fun shaped boards are still relatively new and I was super excited to try this thing out. I am a huge fan of the Burton Nug and another board that was meant to ride shorter excited me even more. The Warpig did not disappoint! Fast, snappy, and can crank turns like a mofo! The day I rode the conditions were all over the place, soft and sloppy in the sun and hard and fast in the shadows.

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