Von Zipper – ALT Goggle


Von Zipper – ALT Goggle

Who: Von Zipper

What: ALT goggle

Where: Your Local Von Zipper Dealer 

When: October 2016 

Why: Frameless Design, Dual Polycarbonate Toric Lens with 100% UV Protection, Forward Venting, Triple Density Polar Fleece Face Foam, Glaricade Anti-fog and Hard Coated Lens, Molded Poly Nose Guard 


  • By eliminating the frame these are the lightest goggles out there.
  • By using a dual Toric lens you get optimum clarity and minimal distortion.
  • With the forward venting keeping the inside of the lenses clear, the Glaricade keeps the fog off the outside.
  • The Molded nose guard adds protection where it is needed most along the edge of the lens
  • Stayin dry means staying warm and the Polar Fleece face foam wicks moisture like cazy keeping your face comfy all day long.

Personal Thoughts: I was skeptical at first because I prefer XL sized goggles with maximum peripheral vision and these definitely have a smaller profile.  The low profile design had a lot more vision than I expected.  By eliminating the frame it feels like you have nothing on your head but the downside is there’s no switching lenses. The good thing is the price is right and you get unmatched lens quality and comfort at this price range.

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