Here’s the News!!!

Here’s the News!!!

That’s right, that’s right… here’s the fucking news.

I was moving into a new house last season, but I am ready to get this thing back on point. Thanks to everyone who still gives a shit! We got big things in the works and should be fully updated again by middle of the month.  You should have no problem biting our shit here shortly.


Probably the most important thing worth mentioning in the Michigan shred community is that our own sister from the North, Jackie Lammert, has been nominated for Women’s Rookie of the Year in the Transworld rider’s poll. Literally I would shit myself if my name were on the same page as some of these pros she is up there with! She definitely deserves it.  Her part in the latest Mike Harrington effort -When It Happens- was definitely ego shattering.  I’m kidding, but not really.  Jackie’s part is better than yours…damn right it’s better than yours.

I was late to the table with a Pando article.   The guys over at Agnarchy beat me to it, but of course, I must retort:

Here’s the fucking news… I got a load of shit dumped on my chest by a lot of folks who said this or that about me and my negativity.  I don’t really say shit unless there is some fact to back it up.  This page isn’t “satire” or whatever is the hip new way to say bullshit. My sources that are creditable as hell and confirmed the initial statement I made last year:  Pando got bought to get shut down.  It’s not getting opened anytime soon, if ever. This move would force the riders from Pando to ride the Burg or travel long distances (which some have). It was a strategic move that makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint. The real bummer, outside of the obvious fact that Pando has such historical and personal value to so many shreds, is that it was being purchased with the illusion that it would be reopened and restored into something resembling it’s original glory or better.

Photo Credit Evan Erickson

The original argument I made was that the subject was sensitive and I didn’t like how other sites and people were portraying it. It seemed predatory and misleading.  The place means a lot to folks. I said what I felt and what ultimately ended up being the truth. I forgive you though.



img_6783Moving on to a positive topic, Bittersweet will open this weekend.  Bittersweet is the lucky recipient of Pando’s park leaders.  I know they have been hard at work and made a shitload of snow. Moveable features will be present so you can get your jib on. I’ve been promised that they are going to work extra hard on making up for last year’s marginal winter and their lack of park rearranges.

img_6781One of the ways they’re saying sorry is by putting on a competition event series, which they so cleverly named Sweet League.  We will have a full on article about this series, but basically it is intended to draw out Michigan’s best shreds in a point-based competition. Riders must accumulate a certain amount of points in order to make it to the final round. Generous prizes will be awarded at every event, but the final round will be awarding the winner a solid cash prize. Only riders who accumulated enough points from the first three events can participate in the final event. That means you don’t need to be first place to make it to the final round!  I am personally working with the organizers of this event and there are two priorities; get the best riders there and to hustle up fat cash for the winner.


Bittersweet won’t be the only resort open this weekend. You can get a list by looking. The usual stragglers aside everything should be good to go by next weekend as long as the weather people aren’t full of shit man.

We did some product reviews! They are over in the gear reviews section. I also found gloves I like which, if you know me, I typically despise the fucking things.  So if nothing else I got that going for me.

Winter is here.  Make sure you’re not that guy who claims to love snowboarding, but buys your shit online. Get out and support the local shops.  I think a lot of you just think that it’s some sort of clever conspiracy when people bitch about buying online.  The shops are the ones who host comps and are behind the scenes making your shred experience better. Most importantly they are likely humans who know what they are talking about.  If there is anything shops would like you to know it would be: Definitely don’t be that guy/girl who…



    Buys boots online and then takes them in to have them heat molded only to find out they don’t fit because you bought them online.  Most shops will help you, but they will not love you.

  • Buys their board, bindings, and boots from MC all which end up being the wrong size, then takes said set up into the local shop to be put together. Most shops will help you, but they will talk about you when you leave.
  • Goes into the shop and tells the staff you are the park manager of the local resort when in fact the kid working knows the park manager and you sir are not him. Most shops will help you, but they will put you on Snapchat.

That is all the season’s first Here’s the News. I am sure by next week we will have plenty to talk about.  


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