Sweet League 2017


Last season was a wacky one, winter didn’t really show up, and our park crew had to fight with rain every other day it seemed like. Our resort also did not host a single competition. This year the Bittersweet Terrain Park Crew is giving back to the community with the first ever Sweet League Competition Series. This is not going to be your typical Bittersweet competition of the past.

Sweet League will be broken into 4 events each on separate days. At all 4 events, riders will be working on earning points to gain entry into the Championship round on the 4th event day. This Championship round is going to be an absolute battle for the best riders in the state of Michigan, and they will be fighting for a cash pot. The Park Crew is currently working hard on securing the cash pot, and are planning on being able to award between $500-750 in the Open Snowboard Division, and the Open Ski Division.

This is not going to be a competition series that you want to skip out on. We know you want to come and send it, so we did a write up below on how it’s all going to play out. Tell your friends, and don’t miss out, this will be one for the books! Sweet League is for the slayers!

The Event Days

  • Rail Jam #1 – Sunday January 15th
  • Rail Jam #2 – Sunday January 29th
  • Big Air Day  – Sunday February 12th
  • Sweet League Final Jam Day + Championship Round – Saturday February 25th

We plan to run these events no matter the weather. The only thing that would change the date is if the resort were forced to close due to unfavorable conditions, in that case the event would be rescheduled. Times are currently to be decided so stay posted and check for updates!

The Divisions

  • Snowboard open (This will be the division if you want to go for the big cash pot)
  • Mens Snowboard 16 and under
  • Womens Snowboard
  • Ski Open (This will be the division for the big cash pot, if that’s your kind of thing)
  • Mens Ski 16 and under
  • Womens Ski

The Points

The points are what will get you into the Championship Round of the Sweet League Final Jam Day. A rider will need 8 points to qualify for the Championship round. Basically, if you place in the top 3 riders in your division in one of the first 3 events, or in the top 3 riders of the semi-finals of the Last Chance Qualifier, you will have earned your spot for the Championship Round. Don’t forget, the Championship round is for all of the money!

However, let’s say you never place in the top 3 spots of your division. Don’t worry, you still have a chance to make the Championship round. Points at each event will be cumulative. So if you earn 3 points at one event, 1 point at another, and then 4 points at the third or fourth event, you will have qualified for the Championship round of the Final Day.

With the points being cumulative, once a rider hits 8 points they will officially be out of the points running for each individual competition. These riders will still be eligible for the prizes of that day, so there is still a solid reason to show up for every event!


Place Points
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1

The Format for Rail Jams #1 and #2

  • The Rail Jams will be starting off in heats, and are divided by divisions. The heat sizes will be determined the day of the rail jam, and will be based on rider turnout
  • The Initial Jam
    • Every rider that registers will be competing in the initial jam
    • The jam will last 25-40 minutes per division
      • Different divisions may compete at the same time
    • Riders in this jam will be competing for a spot in the Rail Jam Finals that day
      • Riders that make it into the finals will be hand picked by the judges
  • The Final Jam
    • Only 10-15 riders will be hand picked for the finals.
    • This is where riders will have the opportunity to earn points to secure their position in the Championship Round of the final day on February 25th.
    • There will be 2 or 3 Sections that will be sessioned for 15 minutes each.
    • Each section will be worth up to a maximum of 10 points (Only 1 trick per section is scored)
    • Each section will have a minimum of two judges, and we will take your best score from either judges sheet for your final tally. This is to prevent us missing your crazy switch hardway backside 360 onto a rail.
  • Tie Breaker
    • IF there is a tie for any position, we will hold a game of PIG.
    • The Judges will call the tricks for the game of PIG.
      • The Judges will be the final decider if a trick counts as a make or not.

Big Air Day

  • This day is going to be spent on the jump line. We plan to have between 2-3 jumps set up in our main terrain park this season.
    • For this competition, every rider will get 4 runs.
    • Runs are worth a maximum of 20 points.
      • Each jump is worth 10 points.
    • Riders top 3 runs out of 4 will be added together for a maximum of 60 points.
      • If there are 3 jumps, the scoring format will be changed to account for 3 jumps rather than 2 jumps.
  • There are no finals this day, only the 4 drops for each rider.
  • Tie Breaker:
    • If there is a tie for any of the top 10 positions for snowboarders, the tie will be decided by the rider with the best method.
      • Riders will get two chances, and the best method will be chosen by the judges.
    • If there is a tie for any of the top 10 positions for skiers, the tie will be decided by the skier with the best zero spin.
      • Skiers will get two chances, and the best zero spin will be chosen by the judges.

Sweet League Final Jam Day + Championship Round

This is going to be the day that you don’t want to miss. The Sweet League Final Jam Day will be one heck of a party. The park crew is going to absolutely pack the competition area with rails, jibs, and whatever else fits into the area. There will be no shortage of creative lines and tranny. This is not going to be your usual competition set up.

The Championship round will be the craziest riding you see all season long. Riders will be emptying their full bag of tricks, and we bet riders will throw tricks they didn’t know they had. With all of the money on the line, this round is guaranteed to be chaotic.

    • The Final Jam Day Break Down
      • The Last Chance Qualifier
        • We will have one last chance for riders to make it into the Championship Round.
        • Every rider who registers to ride, will be allowed into the Last Chance Qualifier.
        • The riders in the LCQ will be competing for a spot in the Semi-Finals
        • The LCQ round will only be a 25 minute jam.
      • The Semi-Finals
        • This the very last chance to get your points to get into the Championship Round.
        • Only 10 Riders for each division will make it into the Semi Finals
        • The Semi-Finals will be divided between 2 features in the competition area.
        • Each section will be sessioned for 15 minutes.
          • Riders can each a total of 10 points for each section(best trick counts).
        • The top 3 riders from the semi-finals will automatically qualify for the Championship Round
      • After the semi-finals the judges will go through and do one last tallying up of the points, to make sure everyone who earned at least 8 points total from all 4 events will have their chance to compete in the Championship Round.


  • The Championship Round


        • This is for the money! And this is where the slayers will be.


  • While it is not set in stone yet, the First Place winner in Snowboard Open, and Ski Open should expect between $500 and $750 cash.
  • The entire competition area is going to be fair game, and the points system is being thrown out of the window.


        • Judges will still be judging with the same criteria from previous rail jams.
      • Each division will get 30-45 minutes to attack the course. Now is the time to bring out the best tricks in your bag, the cash is on the line!
      • Judges will be watching for the top 3 riders, and will be tracking the scoring by the same ways from before.
        • The judges will be looking along these lines for choosing the Sweet League Champions:
          • Difficulty of tricks
          • Consistency
          • Creative use of course

With all of that being said, it’s time for you to get ready. If you want to ride in the most highly contested competition in Michigan, now is your chance. You better come out swinging.


by Alex McNett

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