So you got your snowboard stolen?

By now (especially if your reading this) you have heard the story of the man who went to Crystal Mountain with his two young sons only to have his brand new, “thousand dollar” Marhar snowboard stolen at the end of the day. Then in truly good form the guys at Marhar replaced his board free of charge. Yeah! Well this isn’t really about that. You can read the story HEREand then read the comment section of the article for some mixed emotions.

I just want to bring up a few things…

It’s a sad fact, but you don’t leave your snowboard sitting around.  You just don’t. If you do, that’s on you bruh. Every resort has a group of piece of shit thieves or out of town fucks that grab decks. I have been a local at Bittersweet for over 23 years and I am nearly positive that no one could get my board out of the parking lot alive.  I still don’t leave it sitting around.  Seriously, take 5 minutes and walk it to your car, stand in the line at the coral, or simply do as I do and carry the fucker everywhere regardless of the signs that say “no skis or snowboards”. Fuck man. Buy a lock! If you can’t afford to replace it take care of it. Yeah it sucks and you should be able to leave it wherever, but that’s just not the reality. Get insurance or do whatever you got to do, but you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself if your board gets nabbed because you left it sitting out.

dakinelock2 dakine-lock
It’s a cold world kids, brands aren’t always gonna be there to replace your board regardless of the circumstances.  Also, if you do choose to read the Mlive article and the comments you may notice some things. Discuss amongst yourselves.


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