The Edge and Friends Park Footy


Filmed and edited by Jon Mollema with additional filming by Nic Sagodic.


The Edge Snow Team and a few friends logged some clips at Bittersweet this year despite the marginal winter. I’d like to think that Bittersweet has the largest conglomeration of friends of any resort in Michigan, but I could never back that up. Cburg has a ton and I am sure it’s close, but literally, I think all of the shreds at the Shwizz are buds. I love the place despite growing weary of its continued park complications, but we won’t go there.  Friendship is what it is about; this edit does a fine job of conveying the vibe that you feel when shredding with friends.


Ben Jon Bob

Starting off the edit is Ben John Bob. Ben is pushing 40; he is one of the most well rounded snowboarders I know in the state and one of the OG members of the Edge Snow Team.  I’ve known Ben for a long time and he still continues to get better every year. This dude has some fountain of youth type shit going on! I’ve looked up to Ben for close to two decades now and while my knees come apart and I get worse and worse every season Ben prances around like a God damn gazelle killing everything in his path.  This dude is even a couple months older than me. What the fuck ever Ben Jon Bob… what… the fuck…ever!!!! ☺


Evan Findling

Evan doesn’t give a fuck about anything and is super good.  Dude casually rips his way around and does it all with style and a smile. He is the epitome of what snowboarding should be about. Its impossible to shit on this kid in any way, I mean, maybe fuck those pants son but whatever. On the real though this kid is worth noticing and his skateboard shit is straight redic!


Alex Mcnett

Alex has it all talent wise. I hate his fucking helmet and tell him often, but he represents the more responsible side of the Edge Snow Team so there isn’t much shit we can give him. Alex is a silent contributor to the workings of Michigan’s snowboard scene. Like so many others he spends time trying to make things better for other people, which sort of makes him a hero. I fear the younger generation won’t step up and that his age group represents the last of the “contributors”. Alex’s snowboarding is amazing really, I mean so good, and he is not just good in the park Alex has tricks in the street and in back country out West.  Alex is someone I can talk to on a serious note about snowboarding and he is old enough to know to know what I’m talking about thus making him a good friend. I back the guy heavy and appreciate the effort he puts in for others in our snowboard scene.


Cody James

Cody is sick as fuck.  Great style. His hairdo is game strong.  His back lip pretzel game is strong.  His style game is strong! I personally fuck with this dude’s riding and not just because I chose who is on the team, but I personally jive with what Cody has going on. You know what I mean? Cody is legit!


Noah Franklin

Noah is my dog son. I back this kid so hard.  This kid rips; dude logs street clips with no snow. Noah has rock-n-roll in his blood even if he doesn’t know it! Just like Cody, I personally love Noah’s snowboarding.  Style isn’t something you learn; its something you have or don’t.  Noah has bloodbath written all over him. Kids a murderer!


Scotty Saeger

He’s a style genius, smile-wearer, and pipe layer…striking really. Scotty literally could get by on his G swag alone, but he isn’t even like that which makes it more legit. I’ve always liked this dude’s snowboarding so this year he became Edge family on paper!  Scotty is good peoples!


Joe Trimner

AKA: Trimner, Trimnuts, The Wizard.  Whatever you call him Joe is a fucking wild animal that was sent from the future to run the trap. I mean dude is reckless! He treats his equipment like shit and rides mach-12 on whatever board he has that isn’t broken.  I describe his riding as metal with a touch gangster mixed with go fuck yourself.  You gotta love Trimmer…I do and now he’s working at the shop!


Jacob Hermann

A monster, Jacob settles big boy shit and doesn’t think twice about it. I actually put this dude on my top 10 list favorite shreds in the state. He has a gap named after him at Bittersweet. Disgusting fucking snowboarder I mean just filthy.  He is a 17/18 addition to Edge team.


The Macheila Brothers

These two youngsters are on the come up… I predict these two slay heavy next year. They have got so good so fast!  They are fine representatives of Bittersweet / Michigan’s snowboarding future. Watch out for these dudes for real!


Noah Genzink

When you keep track of snowboarders like we have to keep track of snowboarders here at Michigan Boarder we can tell you with certainty that this dude is on the hot list right now. Noah is straight fire! Noah carries a big bag of techy tricks and seems to land them with ease. Literally have had people from across the state tell me shit like “that Genzink kid is killing it” or “what’s up on that Genzink kid? Dude seems good”.  Noah, next to Jacob, is the newest edition to the 17/18 snow team and I can’t wait to see what this kid develops into.


Charlie Vandemark

Closing the edit is Charlie.Vandemark, probably filmed in 20 minutes this kid never misses.  He is precise, powerful, techy, and had style on jumps and rails…you name it. This kid brings balance to the force type shit. I kid you not, Charlie is that good. Edits don’t do it justice. I simply cannot describe in words to you how remarkable this kid is. I have no reason to lie; I never show preference in my writing. Yes I am at Bittersweet all the time, which makes it easier to post more Bittersweet stuff, so it may seem that way, but I am telling you the truth with out favor or preference this kid is unreal!


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