Fix Bindings Team Model: Geeves


Fix Bindings Team Model: Geeves


I’m just gonna get right into it on this review…

IMG_8525IMG_8527Fix is making a good binding; they perform, look and feel great. They got a team roster to die for and I believe they are well on their way to being a Union competitor. Union is what we basically compare everything to and I am sorry if you don’t like that. Union has had their share of fuck ups in the past, but the majority of their bindings are the best value in each price point in the business.

The only problem I have with Fix is what they are getting price point wise; don’t get me wrong they are dope! They are a healthy alternative for somebody looking to run something outside of Union. Hell I loved the Geeves model we got sent for testing. The Geeves is based on the Winslow model and from what I can tell the only difference is the graphic on the high back. These things retail for $220. At that price point you are competing with the Union Force and there is no comparison at all. The Winslow/Geeves falls way short in fit, finish, support and most importantly foot bed shock absorption compared to Forces. Holding the Forces and Geeves in hand, the Geeves feels and looks cheaper and also feel heavier. We do like the whole “no hardware” thing, but Switchback did that and those bindings ‘effing blow. These are definitely not Switchbacks, but the feel of the plastic on the base and high back definitely remind us of them.

IMG_8526I do love how they felt while riding them and I am going to keep riding them on one of my go to decks. They are an amazing binding and are probably worth what they are asking.  If you buy them you wont regret it, but they aren’t the best value in any of the price points. I know this review seems back and fourth, but on one hand I think they are rad on the other hand if I only could ride one or the other I’d still choose a Union in the price point. If I had a suggestion it would be to redesign the foot beds; then we’d be in business.  On that note, one more suggestion…they also need to put a better gasket on the bottom of the binding; there is one, but its hard plastic.  When you land wrong or your bindings turn a bit it’s going slip the disk.  I can’t tell you how important it is to have a soft material underneath a binding. It helps with flex, impact, keeps you from moving your bindings.

Obviously there are other bindings in the line. We are specifically interested in the winged joints called the Highlux. These come in at $200 and we will be owners of a pair. I’ve never owned a pair of winged bindings, so I don’t know if they are hype or actually help with some tricks. We have seen plenty of people with ‘em and they seemed to love them; its just no company has made a pair that we are hyped on until now.

Despite the suggestions we are hyped on these bindings! They are a good choice for purchase we just don’t think we would purchase them over Unions, but quite frankly, we are glad there is another straight up binding company out there that is bout dat life.


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