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Alright folks it’s that time of the year when resorts are open, parks are up, and the season is in full swing!  Behold the first of this season’s Here’s the News!

There are a few changes on the site we are working on in an attempt to make it a little less overwhelming.  One of the new features will be the Hall of Fame page; we will induct people of various snowboarding importance that have come from or live in Michigan. This will be open to suggestions and will contain pertinent info and background on everyone from Pro Snowboarders, local filmers, park builders, and everything in between.  If you have had a large contribution to Michigan snowboarding you could possibly be inducted.

A lot has happened in a year, most notably the success of Michigan’s own Jackie Lammert!  Jackie was not only nominated for Transworld Snow female Rookie of the Year, but has been seen in numerous Gnu ads.  Jackie was featured on Michigan Boarder a long time ago; it has been amazing to see her on a advert for a great snowboard brand.  Congrats Jackie!


Park crews are at work laying down the first builds of the season.  Photos of Pine Nob, Brighton, and Holly are looking quite impressive and places like Alpine Valley seem to be stepping their game up as well! C-burg, who has always been at the top of the list, recently opened and their setup looks packed with features.  Their park is getting great reviews from the kids there!  We will be travelling this season to as many places as possible and will give you our humble opinions as they happen.

A few local crews have dropped some edits recently.  The 1-800 dudes from up in Marquette put out that new Toll Free action.  1-800 shit is always a good watch!  We never find ourselves bored skipping over parts of Evan’s flicks.  They’re always gold time after time.  

Grand Rapids native Nathan Kudla managed to get some clips last season despite our questionable winter over here.  He has done a few vids in the past featuring himself and his homies, but this is his best work to date.  Shot mostly in the streets of Grand Rapids his film, I’ve Come Undone, features a ton of talented locals and has a solid song selection as well. This is a killer flick and totally worth the watch!

In other news Michigan transplants Alex Cato and Al Pal teamed up and designed a color way for Thirty-two! The collaborative effort between the two birthed the limited edition Brighton color way of the TM-3 boot.  A few other popular resorts got a special color way as well, however, this is the best boot visually in the series!

Michigan Boarder released a few dope pieces for the season!  In our store, which should be up and running soon, are two apparel offerings for your enjoyment!  We gave our logo to the guys at Volcom and asked them to collab with us on some hoodies; the result was a wild more colorful version of our usual hoodies!  The final product is a crisp, fitted easy to wear piece that has been referred to as “the truth”.  I don’t know what that means, but it seems good!   We saved a few hoodies so our store wouldn’t look like shit, so if you want one that’s pretty much the last spot to get one.


Michigan Boarder was also fortunate enough to have the dudes at COAL headwear sculpt us a beanie. Based on the Uniform beanie, a staple in COAL’s line, they added our logo to some patches and made a few tweaks here and there; in the end we received a modern, high quality, and warm beanie that matches everything!


We have the usual gear reviews, product sneak peaks, staff picks and the like heading your way this year, but our main focus is extending our reach further North and out East!  Please check our Insta and tag your clips!  We can be reached at or message us on Insta!  We will be doing a giveaway shortly so stay tuned!  

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