RAT 153 by Dinosaurs Will Die

dino rat2

This board is an effing dream come true for me.  It may not be everyone’s stick of choice, but for Midwest park riding I can’t see it getting much better. You can haul ass on this thing and still maintain that comfort zone you desire when straight lining jumps, but at the same time the board is a total jibstick. Maybe jibstick isn’t the best term for it because as I mentioned before The Rat is pretty comfy on medium-ish jumps as well.  It’s probably not the deck to exceed 40ft kickers on, but we hit some good size ones on this and our only complaint was the degree of “pop” you can achieve on the kicker.  When it comes to approaching jibs there is a surprising amount of pop in comparison to its soft flex , so no worries there. This bastard will lock though.   It excels on rails! The camber in my opinion isn’t so reverse that you can lie through a press, but you can get it to happen with a little effort.  This maybe a contradictory statement after saying how it was stable at high speeds, but I think there is a lot of feel channeled through the board. You can become one with this thing.  Edge control is pretty good.  Pretty deep side cut so you can hold pretty well, however. I kinda take my detune a little farther than most so I am not going to say I am the best person to give an accurate description on this.

dino rat1Bottom line is I love this board. My only wish is a mid-wide version. That would be the bee’s knees.  Made in the former Elan factory which is now the Capita factory, so you know the quality is there and frankly everybody I have ever talked to involved with DWD was super nice. You don’t get that kinda vibe from everyone, so it makes it easy to want to support their brand.  Oh yeah this board isn’t crazy expensive either.

We give it an 8/10 for Michigan park condition snowboarding.

Size Tested: 153 also available in 151cm, 155cm
Camber:  Mellow Center Reverse Camber
Flex:    5/10
Conditions Tested: Icy Midwest hard pack park.


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