TM2 by Thirtytwo

TM-2 MattIf you need 1 boot that will last you a while and can ride anywhere on the hill, this is it.

Who: Thirtytwo
What: TM-2
Where: Your local Thirtytwo dealer
When: Currently shipping, shops should have them in the next week or two.
Why: Great all mountain boot, from the park to the pow this boot does it all!

How: Level 3 Footbed and Liner, 3D Molded Tongue, Tongue Tension System, Inner Ankle Lacing System, Articulating Cuff, STI Evolution Foam, Performance Backstay, System G2 Gel

TM-2Personal Thoughts: I’ve been riding the TM-2 for the last 2 years and this newest version did not disappoint.  A little sturdier feel this year definitely makes it quicker edge to edge and more stable on landings. The liners are definitely a big key to these boots. Usually when you have a nice soft feel against your feet the liners seem to be a little floppy. On the flip side if they have a more solid feel out of the box it takes a bit for them to break in. These liners are the perfect combination of comfort and performance. I could ride all day long and not feel like I needed to get the boots off at the end of the day. If you need 1 boot that will last you a while and can ride anywhere on the hill, this is it.

*This review is strickly my personal thoughts and experience and should by no means be the reason you buy a certain boot. NEVER EVER buy boots without trying them (and other comparable boots) on in a store. Your boot is your most important piece of equipment HANDS DOWN and no matter what the company/color/lacing system the boot that fits and feels the best IS the best boot for you. Spend a little more on your boots as well if you need to ($50 goes way further in a boot than it does in a board)

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