ANTHROPOLOGY : A snowboard flick by Nations Foundations

anthropology01Hey everybody!  The SFC (Snowboarders For Christ) kids have an event going on in Grand Rapids pretty soon. They are having the premiere of Snow flick “Anthropology”.  MichiganBoarder’s very own Benny West had words with five of these kids last year at Bittersweet, then a few days later, peace was made and we’re all best friends now. Don’t think just because they’re a religious group those kids aren’t rowdy cause they are. They just don’t swear or ride without helmets.

Look, the moral of the story is that there is a fun shred event being put on by local kids and we are going. Allegedly pro rider Nick Visconti is gonna be there. So that’s cool. Good times!!!


ANTHROPOLOGY A snowboard flick by Nations Foundations

Oct 23 at 5:30 – 10:30 Wealthy st theater.
1130 wealthy st, SE Grand Rapids

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