Staff Pick: Best Summer Edit Submission Dusty Miller

dusty FJK_Crail

After a knife fight amongst our staff we have concluded that Dusty’s edit proves supreme.

I mean we had some really good edits. Shit everything the Flanel kids did was raw. We mowed over all of their videos and Dusty’s.  In the end we chose Dusty’s edit because of the production value and the general “feel good” emotion that bled from it.  It made us miss shredding more than the rest! So yeah, here is a little bit about Dusty and the edit.

dusty FJK_headshot

Name  Dusty Miller
Hometown East Jordan, MI
Resort Boyne Mt.
Set Up Rossignol Retox 152 19inches 12 & -9
Rosignol king Cobra bindings
Thirtytwo TM two boots
Vid Cred Jackie Lammert, Frank King

What Dusty had to say:  

This was my first year really trying to film an all urban part. Being a fulltime student, I rode as much as I could and not having a season pass for Marquette Mt. forced me to find things around town to hit. The majority of the shots are well-known areas in Marquette, but I was also able to find some new features as well as hit a few spots down state in Boyne City, East Jordan, and Petoskey. A lot of times it was just my girlfriend and I out filming so I found it a lot harder than I ever expected. Big thanks to Frank King for editing, Jon at Skullcandy, Jake Heidtman, and Jackie Lammert for putting in so much work with me.

The Edit:

Dusty Miller 12/13 Season edit from Dustin Miller on Vimeo
Instagram @BMTMILLER57

Spring break park edit:

White Sand Beach from Dustin Miller on Vimeo.

Jackie Lammert’s edit
(which is the heaviest girl edit ive ever seen, and that’s not even biased.)

Jacqueline Lammert 2012/13 Season Edit from Frank king on Vimeo.

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