Marhar Snowboards: Now Ya Know

Did you know that Michigan is the home of an up and coming snowboard company? Nate Morse, co-owner and CEO of Marhar Snowboards gives us the ins and outs of this Michigan based brand.


Nathen Morse and Joshua Skiles

Team Riders

Ezra Heethuis
Chelsie Johnson
Billy Sage
Jack Hecksel
Derek Huntoon
Philip Ruffini
Ben Kozak
Katherine Paparella
Brooke Spruit


A snowboard company that wants you to “Enjoy and have fun snowboarding! It is a great winter sport to have! It doesn’t matter where your skills are at, it just matters that you love what you are doing.”

Est. 2009

Currently operating out of Grandville, Marhar came from humble beginnings. “We started out of my mom’s garage and our rental home basement and it was a disaster that first year. Now, 5 years later we are still kicking hard, we have moved into our 3rd manufacturing facility and have been continually growing each year.”

Marhar_2“The idea of starting a snowboard company for me started when I was in high school. At the time I wasn’t super serious but in the back of my mind I thought that would be such a rad job to have mostly because I loved snowboarding as well as being an artist. I did research here and there throughout my college career, but again nothing all that serious. After college I started my first job as a product developer for aftermarket truck parts and quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be a forever job for me. That was about the time I really started diving into how to start a business and how to manufacture snowboards. After about a year and a half working in the product business I quickly learned that I could do product development on my own and coming from a family background of entrepreneurs, I felt like I had a pretty good all-around knowledge of basic business and products. I decided to come home one day and I approached Josh and said, “Hey you want to start a snowboard manufacturing company?” and he responded with, “Yes, let’s do it!” From there we just started diving into it. We got the basic equipment and materials we needed and started making our first prototypes.”

“It definitely wasn’t easy at first as there was only general information on manufacturing snowboards. We didn’t want to just learn how to make a snowboard; we wanted to learn to make great snowboards. Everything we do is in-house. From processing the wood all the way to store/customer ready. When we started we said we weren’t just going to have someone else make our boards and that we weren’t just going to learn to make boards but that we were going to do everything in-house and learn to make great boards. We are extremely proud of our work and where we have taken the company considering we had no prior experience or knowledge of board building. At times it does get extremely busy and stressful but we chose to do this and in the end all the hard work ends up being worth it. What building in house has forced us to do is learn the industry and products inside and out. We aren’t just a couple of guys paying other people to do the work for us then pretending to know what we are talking about. We know every fine detail of our tech and products. We know a lot about many of the other major brands out there in terms of tech and how they ride in comparison to ours.”


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