Boobs & Zeaches with Kathrine Papperella

When MichiganBoarder posted Katherine’s now infamous “Boobs & Zeaches” photo on our Facebook page it received hundreds of views in a matter of hours.  The photo since its posting is well over a thousand views and has been brought up to me by people who I didn’t even know had seen it.

In case you have not seen this gem a photo featuring Katherine, her boobs, and a zeach on what seems to be a fishing boat taken during the summer, here’s your chance!

Kathrine Papperella, michigan, snowboard, marhar, michiganboarder, michigan boarder

The photo generated good feedback and bad feedback alike, so we thought we’d catch up with Katherine and get her opinion on the photo, specifically the “boobs and zeaches” comment.  Ladies and gentleman, it is our privilege to introduce you to Marhar team rider, board sports enthusiast, and general hottie Katherine Paparella.

Full Name: Katherine Paparella

Home Resort: Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl- Grand Haven

Current Resort: Boyne, for now- but anywhere the Epic Pass works as soon as I graduate in December

Stance: Regular

Gear: Marhar Snowboards and pretty much everything else is Burton- gotta love proforms!

Years Shredding: I started skiing when I was 4. In 8th grade I started snowboarding. For a few years I did both until I became straight-up obsessed with snowboarding.

So pertaining to the picture….. Where is that place?

That, my friends, is an industrial warehouse in Fenton formerly known as Misfit Lab. Obviously their features were flawless, so I have no idea why they went out of business (lol).  I do have to give them credit though- they had a great idea; it was just executed poorly.

What is going on in the photo? It looks like a fishing boat?

Well, first of all- let’s start by establishing that this is what happens when you hit features resembling fishing boats…

Kathrine Papperella, michigan, snowboard, marhar, michiganboarder, michigan boarder

…and this…Kathrine Papperella, michigan, snowboard, marhar, michiganboarder, michigan boarder

but, I guess it was someone’s brilliant idea to have a feature that moves as you ride it like a teeter totter type thing. I, personally, would rather hit a stationary object; so, I propped it up with whatever I could find- which ended up being some pieces of wood and a construction cone. The beauty of it is that not only does it function as a rail, playground equipment, bench, and a traffic diversion- but I’m pretty sure we could make it work as a fishing boat, too! Human ingenuity at its finest.

We think it’s hilarious, but what did you think about the “boobs and zeaches” comment?

Well, my initial thought went a little something like the Lil Wayne song How to Hate, “I’m on my ‘fuck that bitch’ shit.” …but then I realized… there are boobs; there are indeed zeaches; Couldn’t have captioned it better myself.  That nice lady deserves a handshake.

Would you say this is a pretty standard outfit for you while attacking board sports?

I am usually fully clothed while riding- with the exception of Crazy Days at Boyne.  But, hey, what happens above the 45th parallel stays above the 45th parallel.

Kathrine Papperella, michigan, snowboard, marhar, michiganboarder, michigan boarder

More Boobs, More Zeach

No guy on earth is complaining I am sure. While the majority of girls in these sports are commonly dressed more like boys is it important to you to have a more feminine look? 

Well let me explain my “feminine” attire in this picture.  I had to wear jeans because I kept falling on cement and powderPAK and I wanted to minimize the bruises and scrapes because it was swimsuit season.   I wore a tank top because I was repeatedly walking up to the top of a ramp in snowboard boots then riding down… inside of a warehouse, without air conditioning, on an 80 degree day. Sweat, blood, bruises…. the only ‘feminine’ thing about this picture is the consequential display of cleavage.  My snowboard gear is usually loose fitting.

How did Marhar come about?

…the company or my involvement with it? I guess I’ll answer both. The company started with two guys that had an idea, took a chance and made shit happen. They are dedicated, hard-working and I wish them all the success in the world.  I truly enjoy riding their boards and it’s an added bonus to support a local company. The first time I talked to the Marhar guys was when I competed at the Downtown Grand Rapids Rail Jam at the B.O.B. in 2010 but I didn’t really get involved until last season.

So tell us about you. We have seen photos of you wakeboarding, wake skating, sand surfing I mean what else?  What is your snowboarding deal? Just for fun or competitive?

If there’s a board involved, I’ll try it.  My all-time favorites are snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding – in that order. What’s my deal? I’m addicted. Seriously, I can’t stop.  It makes me happy. I love the culture, the people, the rush of adrenaline, the mountains, the water, the snow, the exercise; I love everything about it, except getting hurt- but that’s just part of what defines an athlete; the determination to get back up when you get knocked down. I don’t compete very much anymore… If I do, it’s all just for fun.  On a side note- I wish the people in the industry would be more supportive of each other.  You know the movie G.N.A.R? (if you don’t, stop reading this and watch it. Now.) That’s the way the sport should be. You don’t have to be pro- it’s all about having a good time. Zeach away, kids!

Kathrine Papperella, michigan, snowboard, marhar, michiganboarder, michigan boarder

We are possibly claiming you as the prefect girlfriend…. Any guys out there have a chance? Do they have to be shreds?

Kathrine Papperella, michigan, snowboard, marhar, michiganboarder, michigan boarderI can cook, clean, drive a boat, and ride… what else would a guy ever need? And of course they have to be shredders.  I have always said that if I ever have a significant other that doesn’t enjoy board sports, they won’t be a very significant part of my life for most of the year. I can blame a failed attempted relationship or two on that.  But seriously, you would have to ask my boyfriend about the perfect girlfriend thing.   I got lucky enough to end up with Chris Laske—I don’t know if you have heard of a few small names in board sports like Mike Dowdy and Kyle Mack (kidding. they are big names, they are amazing, and go follow them on every social media platform right now), but he coaches them and he’s damn good at it. He has made a living out of what we both love which makes it the most effortless, easygoing relationship ever.

Do you have any shout outs or anything?

MARHAR MARHAR and MARHAR oh and mama who gave me what provoked this interview.

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