Nug FV by Burton

Nug 146

Nug Raduction is real!! Burton has done something really unique with these decks.

Who: Burton
What: Nug FV
Where: Select Burton Restricted Dealers
When: Currently in stock! But only at select Restricted dealers, (not available online)
Why: Imagine an all mountain board that’s downsized 8-10cm, but doesn’t ride like a short board!

How: Nug Raduction (Jumper cables, Squeezebox, Width, Side Effects) Infinite Ride, Tri-ax glass, Twin shape and Flex, Off Axis Frostbite, ProTip, Superfly Core with Dual Zone EGD

Personal Thoughts: Nug Raduction is real!! Burton has done something really unique with these decks. Nug Raduction is a combination of 4 construction features (in addition to many others). The first is a wider board, if you’re riding a 146 it’s going to need to be the width of a 156, makes sense right? The next are the Jumper Cables, which are carbon stringers in the tips giving it super pop and that extra boost you need in and out of turns. Third is the Squeezebox core profile which is a core that is thicker just outside the bindings that increases power into your tips directly from you bindings. It also increases your stability by making your bindings feel twice as wide as they actually are. The best thing is by simply “shaping” the core it makes the board ride better without adding any cost!  The last feature is “Side Effects”. Through the shaping of the board at your contact points Burton was able to extend the effective edge of your board when you lift it up into a turn (easier to explain when you can see the board in person, stop into your dealer for a demonstration). All of these things added together takes a board that makes no sense and makes perfect sense of it all! I tried to make this board NOT do what Burton says it does, but I couldn’t. I railed on this thing with no edge slip. I rode it fast with no uneasiness. I took it over jumps and pressed it on rails with no washout. It was like riding a skateboard on the entire mountain! I really found this to be a great “warm up” board. Perfect to ride in the morning when you first get to the hill and lap around with little effort because of the downsize. The Nug is definitely one of my top 5 favorite boards of all time. Be sure to check out all of the Burton boards with Nug Raduction: Nug, Nug Restricted (camber), Nug FV Restricted, Super Hero, Spliff, Fishcuit, Fish, or Barracuda. And for the ladies the Nugget and Sweet Tooth.

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