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 We’re just going to say it…Kyle is one of the best all around snowboarders in the state.  Actually, Kyle is a sick at board sports in general. I mean you name it…wake boarding, wake skating,  skate boarding, snowboarding ,  Kyle destroys ‘em all.  I mean he probably fuckin’ kite boards and if he does he kills that too!  We have seen a few edits of Kyle’s but this is our favorite.  Yobeat must have liked it too because they’ve been passing it around!


Name Kyle Kearns
Hometown Portage, MI
Resort Home resort, Bittersweet….Where I rode last year, Brighton.
Set Up It depends what I’m riding, but park and street its a 147-150 flat camber or regular camber. For now I ride a 158 Capita.* Apparently you ride old rentals or something?Haha yeah. My friend worked in the rental department at Bittersweet and a couple years ago they were throwing away a bunch of old boards that they couldn’t get the bindings off so me and a couple friends took them and fixed them up. They’re actually pretty decent boards, I still use one of them for street.
Vid Cred Sadler, Madison Goodman, Jordan Noe, Matt Kusbel

About The Edit:  

I was living in Utah and I found a group of friends to go out and films some stuff with. It was a good change being in SLC, but it was tough not knowing where the spots were already.

The Edit:

Hideaway from Kyle Kearns on Vimeo.

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