DVD Review : Nations


Transworld Media



Park, Street, Big Mountain, Backcountry


Austin Sweetin, Dylan Thompson, Forest Baily, Eiki Helgasson, Gulli Gudmundsson, Jonah Owen, DCP, Austin Hironaka, Xavier De Le Rue, Stale Sandbech, and Dan Brisse .


GoPro, Adidas, Zeal, Capita, Monster, Ride, Bataleon, Oakley, Analog, Thirtytwo, Northface, Volcom, Rome, Sabatoge, Yes, and Kids Know.


Transworld always puts out a must have movie year after year, and this year is no exception. With such a diverse group of riders and filming in such prime locations this video hits on virtually every aspect and style of riding.  So far this is my favorite movie of the year. Make sure to head to your local shop and pick up a copy today.


Xavier: There’s big mountain riding and then there’s Xavier. He definitely looks at the mountain and wants to ride what no one else is riding. He’s not looking to just hop out of a helicopter and drop in.  Thank God he has a GoPro strapped to his noggin because that’s the only way anyone else is going to get a view of how gnarly the terrain he’s riding is!

Dylan Thompson: If you’ve never seen Dylan ride get ready for a few jaw-dropping moments.  I’ll just say this, when Dylan looks at street spots he’s one of the few guys who looks up.

Dan Brisse: Dan is one of the most versatile riders on the planet. From the backcountry to the street this is one Midwesterner who’s not afraid of anything! Part after part (this one included) Brisse never lets you down.

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