DVD Review : Deja Vu

DEja Vu

Déjà Vu
Rockstar Media


Street, Backcountry


Frank April, Ben Biloq, Louif Paradis, Nic Sauve, Will Lavigne, Alex Cantin, Phil Jaques, and LNP.


Ride, Bonfire, Salomon, Quiksilver, Plenty, Rome, Analog, Now, Anon, Capita, Vans, Nitro, IFound, Empire, 686, Snowboarder Mag, King Snow, OnBoard, Network_a


I can see it in my head, a group of filmers sitting around one day in Canada talking about how sick the shred scene in Quebec is and the great riders have emerged from the area. From that, the concept of this video is born. Gather up a group of the most talented Quebecians (if that’s a word) and turn em loose! Win, win situation.  Déjà Vu is a perfect portrayal of the riding coming from our northern neighbors, and it’s artsy editing sets it apart from the other releases so far this season.  I’m not one for a film with lots of B-roll filling in gaps between shredding but the peeps at Déjà Vu did it right. They focused on the riding and added just the right amount of extra’s to give the film it own uniqueness.


Will Lavinge: Will is definitely an overlooked rider who can do anything and this part proves it! There’s not a snowballs chance in hell your ready for his ender!

Ben Biloq: It seems like the majority of Bens footage in the past has been park/street footage. If that’s all you’ve seen, Déjà vu proves that from Street to Backcountry he can kill it all!

Frank April: Most people had never heard of Frank until his X Games Real Snow part graced the Internet last year. It’s obvious his riding speaks to the masses because he won the fan vote, and in my opinion it was well deserved. This French Canadian Lumberjack looking mofo is the kind of guy who you can tell is just having fun when he rides. His effortless style and creativity sets him apart from the field and really shows you what snowboarding is all about. Hands down my favorite part so far!

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