DVD Review : Gone Wild

gone wild

Gone Wild



Park, Street, Backcountry, Resort


Many different Blasters Of Air




Fun Fun Fun. If anyone knows what snowboarding is all about it’s the dudes at Airblaster. If you’re looking for multi corks, heli drops, or death defying street spots this is not the movie for you.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that the riding isn’t good. It’s just the feeling you get while watching is different than any other film (except past Airblaster flicks). You know that no one was out stressing or worrying about “getting tricks for their part”. I found myself feeling like I was out riding with my buddies just ripping and not taking anything to serious, the way riding should be!


Nobody as their own “part” per-say and everyone was ripping but keep an eye on Taylor Carlton (on the Jones board) and Erik Leon (long hair guy riding Arbor boards). Both of them had some tricks that made go “Whoa” … out loud… all by myself.


Gone Wild: The Teaser from Airblaster on Vimeo.


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