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Theresa Kewley putting a nice 5-0 down the rail.

Theresa Kewley putting a nice 5-0 down the rail.

This year at Canonsburg’s 2nd annual Shredtoberfest, Marc Moline and staff managed to pull out all the stops and provided hundreds of competitors and spectators with one of the best pre season rail jams to date.  I’ll be honest I had my doubts; on the way up from the Zoo to Grand Rapids I drove through what seemed to be catastrophic rain showers.  Not necessarily tropical storms, but when you’re trying to artificially lay down forty-thousand pounds of manmade snow onto warm ground in mid October , heavy rain showers isn’t the support you’re hoping to get from mother nature.  Arriving at Cannonsburg it was clear they saw none of the storm.  As a matter of fact, it was like the storm had circled the area and chose not to disturb the day’s festivities. That was pretty damn awesome!

Adam Rottschafer with a silky front board.

Adam Rottschafer with a silky front board.

I ‘m not sure if Cannonsburg started the event on time as planned, but no one really noticed because there was so much going on. Between the venders and the friends everyone seemed happily occupied and having a good time. The spectacle of watching a wood chipper dispatch forty- thousand pounds of blocked ice like no body’s business was pretty fun in itself.  I hadn’t planned on turning this article into a review of Cannonsburg, but I almost can’t help it. This place is on point. I am sure that was evident already having been rated (again) one of the top 3 parks in the Midwest.  You know what though? They deserve it.  While the course was being prepared I walked through their rail yard to see what they had in store for the year. Just as I suspected they had a yard of freshly-prepared, quality-built features all ready to go for the season. This place is serious. They are setting the bar pretty high. To even consider stepping up to what Cannonsburg has going on, you’ve got a lot of work to do.

Judge Brandon Smith  and rider Tommy Young

Judge Brandon Smith and rider Tommy Young

So everyone was there; riders, judges, vendors, spectators, cuties, bands, photogs & filmers alike, and more cuties. I mean there was some serious artillery there. Spencer Whitman showed up with some camera from the future that’s not even out yet. There were tons of kids all over the place walking around with cameras bigger than they were. It was absolutely clear this was going to be heavily documented. The course itself was very nice. It consisted of three drop choices, two boxes, two rails, and all them pointed straight to hell. Even with the immense amount of packaged ice block it was just barely enough to cover the ground once processed.  Watching it all come together created so much anticipation it was no sooner than the course was covered that the first round of ass busting action  was set to begin.

Judges L-R Brandon Smith, Rich Whinnie, Matt Nichols, Jake Jaques, and Tyler Mosely.

Judges L-R Brandon Smith, Rich Whinnie, Matt Nichols, Jake Jaques, and Tyler Mosely.

The celebrity judges took their places.  This panel of hunky flesh consisted of; Midwest Rome rep and local playboy Rich Whinnie, Burton sub rep Brandon Smith, GoPro rep and ex model Tyler Mosely, Jake Jaques-fitness consigliere, and Cburg staff member Matt Nichols. Cannonsburg shelled out a small fortune and had MC (Miami Connection) Nate Anderson providing play by play commentary. The kids were hungry. Everyone one of ‘em regardless of age, ski or board preference looked extremely focused.  I’m talking the kind of focus it takes our editor to edit my writing.  I don’t think there was a whistle blown or a bell rung, but seemingly without notice the blood bath began.

Kyle Caswell with a stylish frontside boardslide.

Kyle Caswell with a stylish frontside boardslide.

A blood bath; for the first half of every heat that’s exactly what it was. Let’s be honest though, it takes some brass to come into this situation without having seen snow in months. Now some of the kids there are of the highest quality Michigan has to offer. Some of these kids spend time out west during the summer keeping their tricks on lock, but for the larger majority of the contestants this was the first taste of snow and metal since last season.  There were some hefty crashes, but the riders were having so much fun they didn’t seem to notice. These guys were relentless!  Even Michigan Boarder photographer, Jon Mollema, got owned and he wasn’t even riding. Now don’t get me wrong there were plenty of  tricks being stomped, but given the situation everyone riding deserves mucho respecto for putting their lives on line. Dominic Palarchio, Oliver Woodrow Dixon, Adam Rottschafer, Jake Visser, Tommy Young, Kyle Caswell, Mac Eckstrand, Jack Harris, Noah Talentino,  Alexa Juncaj and Theresa Kewley were all riders that caught my eye. Some of these folks ended up in the winner’s circle, but in our opinion everyone that showed up was a winner. They are the true blood. The kids that live, eat, sleep and die snowboarding, family.  Cannonsburg killed it and we can’t wait to go back.


Edit by Marc Moline

CANNONSBURG TV – SHREDTOBERFEST 2013 (S.4 – E.1) from Cannonsburg Ski Area on Vimeo.

Edit by Spencer Alan Wittman

Shredtoberfest from Spencer Whiteman on Vimeo.

Edit by Brad Kearns


We would like to thank the multiple Photo and Video contributions to this article.

Jon Mollema: Photo / MB contributor

Spencer Alan Wittman: Video/ MB Contributor

Alycia Choroszucha: Photo

Brad Kearns: Video

Marc Moline Courtesy of Cannonsburg Resort


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