Evo 4.0 by Never Summer

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, never summer, evo, evo 4.0Evo 4.0 by Never Summer

Who: Never Summer
What: Evo 4.0
Where: Your Local Never Summer Dealer
When: Currently in stock!
Why: Original Rocker/Camber Design, Bi-Lite Fiberglass, Press Flex Core, EDS Dampening, Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers, Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls, Durasurf XT Sintered 4501 Base, P-tex Tip and Tail Protection

How: With their patented Rocker/Camber shape and Vario Grip sidecut Never Summer creates boards that rip hard no matter what, while still remaining catch free and lively. Camber in the tips keeps the board extra poppy and powerful in and out of turns. The Vario Grip is a 3 stage sidecut that transitions from a deep sidecut, into a shallower sidecut, into a flat area between the bindings. This allows you to enter and exit turns aggressively and lock into your carves in-between, all while keeping the board smooth while transitioning from edge-to-edge. It also creates extra contact points when you flex into your turn so you have 6 spots ripping into those hard icy conditions without have to change the shape of the edge.

The Bi-lite Fiberglass offers unbelievable strength and pop and helps this board rule in or out of the park.

EDS Dampening system is something you don’t traditionally see in park boards. The strategically place rubber foils help absorb those vibrations that make your board less stable on landings.

The use of P-tex in the sidewalls and the tips is a signature construction of Never Summer that helps make these thing bomb-proof. P-tex is a material that flexes and doesn’t stiffen the board in colder temperatures which means you flex stays more consistent and the board stays in 1 piece. P-tex is a porous material as well (that’s how wax stays IN your base) so the epoxy can grab ahold of more material adding to the strength of this construction.  If you’ve ever seen a broken snowboard the base was still in 1 piece eh?

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, never summer, evo, evo 4.0Personal Thoughts: I’ve been a fan of this board since I stepped on one in 2009. Imagine having a soft (but not to soft) park board that is full of energy that can carve like a mutha!  I remember being at Keystone, standing on the side of a run thinking, “lets see how good these things hold”.  As soon as the run cleared I pointed it, and soon as I felt I had enough speed I dug in my toes and held on.  The board locked in and I was able to carve about 270 degrees of a circle up the run (probably could of finished a full circle on a less steep run).  That was basically the icing on the cake, If a park board can carve like that what can their freeride boards do?!? All carving aside (because you guys are interested in a PARK board here) the Evo over the years has become much lighter and snappier and somehow it has been made more predictable with out loosing any of its power (it’s has to be some magical unicorn dust and fairy farts or something). One of my Top 5 favorite boards of all time.

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