Hawk Island – Haunting at Hawk

“Haunting at Hawk” was the title of this year’s jam-formatted, all rail event at Hawk Island Snow Park in Lansing this last weekend.  Features included a down rail with a donkey and a two round bar section set up bi-level on a slight angle. There was also a wall ride feature set up to prevent riders from heading to the grass lands.

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Paul Dobry

The event area, I must say, almost looked like an Indiana Jones flick complete with skulls, cob webs, blood, and the token menacing rolling boulders (which ended up actually being pumpkins).  The place was booby trapped for sure.  A majority of the kids found themselves dealing with the cob webs or pumpkins at one point or another.  Despite the near death experiences, the riders who got to participate in the event seemed to be having a really good time.  Tons of good tricks were thrown down.

There were a few bummer aspects to the event, but given the type of energy and effort it takes to put something like this on we applaud Hawk Island and its staff for their hard work. These guys got snow and transported it to the event site. Having done this before I can tell you it’s a pain in the ass, but they got it done and put on a really fun event.  To keep things saucy, we’re presenting this event to you in a more visual form rather than written.  That being said, enjoy the eye candy and get your ass out to Hawk Island first thing this winter!

Battle At Hawk Island from Shortstack Media on Vimeo.

Video :
Jon Mollema

Photos:  Jon Mollema of Shortstackmedia with photo contributions from Chris Johannes.


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