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At the preseason rail happenings over the past few weekends we had the chance to watch Tommy snowboard for, what we thought, was our first time.  This kid’s rail game was on point and it caught our eye.  After approaching him about doing this piece we realized that this wasn’t the first time we had seen Tommy. A while back the guys at COMUNE clothing had posted this video from their contributor Kevin Castanheira. This brilliant edit effortlessly portrayed (at least in my opinion) the deep emotion one can feel from snowboarding. It conveyed the absolute raw fun that resides underneath the glitzy commercialized top layer with an absolute natural ease.  The video is amazing and the riding in it was perfect in regards to what was described by Tommy as the videos intended purpose. Tommy and Ty Mods were the two featured riders. While this video doesn’t display Tommy’s technical riding ability to its full potential; it does help reinforce the fact that Tommy loves snowboarding and that is absolutely visible in his riding.  I haven’t had the privilege of snowboarding with Tommy, so I can only voice my opinions of his riding from an on- lookers point of view.  My opinion is as follows…Tommy is solid and smooth; almost appearing as a formally trained snowboarder (if there was such a thing).  Tommy locked in several tricks in two events where a lot of folks were struggling to get anything stomped. He is clean and accurate the majority of the time. It was perfectly clear to me within the first 20 minutes at Shredtoberfest (Cannonsburg) that Tommy should be considered one of Michigan’s top snowboarding talents. Aside from that, he has really good insights into snowboarding which we loved hearing about. Tommy is a smooth operator and this vid does a great job showing that amongst a million other awesome things.

keep snowboarding from Kevin Castanheira on Vimeo.


Name Tommy Young
Hometown Grand Rapids, MI
Resort Cannonsburg Ski Area and Pando Winter Sports Park
Set Up 145 Rome Shank
Rome 390 Bindings
Vans Boots
Holden outerwear
Stance Regular
Video Credit Jake Breed, Kevin Castanheira, Bald-E-Gal Productions

Talk about the edit.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, Tommy YoungOne of my favorite edits is one called Keep snowboarding. It was made one day by my friends Kevin Castanheira and Derek Street right after we got dumped on. My friend Ty Mods and I rode around the streets of Grand rapids and Kevin and Derek followed us around with a camera. I really like the idea of taking people out of context and throwing a new perspective in the mix and this edit did that. I keep seeing people cling to the same video format that snowboarding has adapted, but I feel like this format only highlights certain aspects of snowboarding. These are ones that snowboard kids from Michigan sometimes can’t connect with. Not saying that this viewpoint is a bad one, I just like showing people that snowboarding still has no rules, anything goes, any type of snowboarding is legitimate, just keep snowboarding.

Give us some info on you. Anything you want to talk about snowboard related.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what it is that draws me to snowboarding. I think for me, snowboarding has always been more of a means of exploration than anything. Exploring Michigan, the Midwest, meeting people, figuring out how my body moves, and seeing first hand what human beings are capable of. Its been a great ride, so I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, Tommy Young

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